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3D Maps

Get a bird’s eye view from outer space, offering a holistic perspective of your global supply chain network. Dive into inner-city routes, customer locations, and facilities, experiencing an earth-like view that unveils the complexities of the entire supply chain in unparalleled detail.


Supply Chain Optimization with an AI-based Excel add-in.

Achieve overall Supply Chain visibility, redesign your network, optimize your routes and inner city logistics, and more.


Simulate and compare different network design scenarios.

Analyze the disruption impacts on your Supply Chain, redesign your network, and improve your decisions based on growth and risk simulations.


Professional Network Design & Center of Gravity optimization service.

Shared Service Center

Optimize your network based on multiple scenarios comparisons done by our experts. Get your projects done in a defined timeline.


Create business value with advanced data, analytics & AI solutions.


Get custom data analytics solutions, in the form of Logistics visibility cockpits. Experience state-of-the-art analytics infrastructure on leading cloud platforms.


Our customers’ words

Vinit Desai, Associate Consultant

Log-hub took the time to understand my requirements and my needs, with seamless communication. They showed the willingness to go the extra mile to ensure I was delighted. The quality of their solutions exceeded my expectations. Log-hub has set the bar incredibly high, and I wouldn’t hesitate to work with them again in the future.

Christian Balduhn, Senior Consultant

Supply Chain Add-in is a great tool for Network Design studies. You can start simple with the Center of Gravity App. If needed, there is also the sophisticated Network Design Plus App available.

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Piet van Leest, LSO Goods Flow Management

Log-hub’s Supply Chain Add-In Portfolio is continually evolving! We mainly use network visualization and optimization tools. These are detailed apps with lots of modeling capabilities, enabling fast Supply Chain visualization.

Fabian Bodenbender, Business Advisor

Supply Chain Apps enabled us to easily identify opportunities for cost savings and service improvements within the Supply Chain. They made it easy to use sophisticated analytical methods directly in Excel.

Vivek Srivastava, Program Manager

Log Hub makes it possible for wider teams (Business/Data Analysts/Non-Modelers) to effectively conduct Network optimization analysis and improve supply chain performance with minimal efforts and data modeling requirements.

Florence Miranda, Asst General Manager – Procurement

It is useful & helpful. Where we used to take hours now it’s done within minutes.

Martin Baker, Senior Manager

Log-hub Network Design Apps provide a quick, easy, and affordable solution for 2 tier supply chains.

Joe Miller, Consultant

The tool has been fantastic: easy to use, and fast. It is brilliant for desktop CoG modelling, isochrones, customisable maps etc. The customer service (Franjali Kinathi) has also been very good, going the extra mile to find solutions for me when I had a problem with my account subscription.


The Future is NET ZERO

Start your Net Zero journey with any of our products. Achieve full visibility of the carbon impact on your shipments with the CO2 Emissions App. Monitor the emissions of your logistics activities directly in Excel with our carbon footprint calculator.

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Redefining Supply Chain Visualization with Advanced 3D Maps

Log-hub recently introduced 3D maps for supply chain visualization that significantly enhance operational efficiency and offer strategic insights, redefining how businesses navigate their global supply chain networks.

Log-hub 3.5 update brings sophisticated network design optimization with a step wise cost function

Log-hub, a leading supply chain technology innovator, announces the introduction of the stepwise cost function in their Network Design Plus app offering a more detailed and realistic modelling of warehousing.

Log-hub Unveils Exciting New Features in Log-hub 3.4

Log-hub announces the release of Log-hub 3.4 introducing two key features, Save in platform and Scenario comparison, while their Supply Chain Apps portfolio boasts a brand new Freight Matrix App.

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