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We enable logistics and supply chain organizations to create business value with data, advanced analytics, and AI solutions.

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Our Expertise

Enabling organizations to create business value with data & analytics.

We work together with logistics and supply chain organizations to create business value through data, analytics, and AI.

We design, build and run custom analytics solutions for and with our clients.

We help companies expand their own analytics capabilities by helping develop and evolve their analytics & data skills, ways of working, and tech stack and tooling.

Whether you are just getting started or advanced analytics is already widely embedded in your organization, together we can take you to the next level.



Our Services

Operating at the intersection of business and technology.

Data Analytics Solutions

Log-hub’s core competence is in building custom data, advanced analytics, and AI solutions to match your requirements in record time.

We have a strong focus on creating visibility cockpits for logistics and supply chain in the area of transport, inventory, warehouse, and last mile.

We have already successfully delivered end-to-end solutions for Roche, Migros, Planzer, Huber & Suhner, and Imperial Logistics.

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Data Analytics Architecture

We design and build the best data and analytics infrastructure matching your needs.

Advise how to setup state of the art analytics infrastructure on the leading cloud platforms (Azure, AWS, Google)

We can help you connect all your different data sources to your data lake, no matter if they are on-premise or in the cloud.

We set up data pipelines that synchronize all your data sources automatically with your data lake.


Use Cases

Discover the most common business cases we resolve with our expertise.

Setup Data Platform


Data is spread through multiple and heterogeneous sources. Due to data fragmentation, creating consolidated, consistent, and up-to-date reports is a highly manual, error-prone, and time-consuming process.

Setup Data Platform Use case


✔​ Automated integration of all relevant data sources and systems (on-premises and cloud) into a data platform consisting of Microsoft Azure services like SQL Server, Synapse Analytics, Data Lake, and PowerBI.

✔ Data is automatically transferred, stored, and transformed from the source system on an hourly basis. Dashboards and reports are automatically updated on an hourly basis.


Employees can focus on business-relevant tasks, with a high trust in reports and their KPIs. Users are gaining drastic error reductions, time savings, and better overall process quality.

Supply Chain Visibility


Data is spread across multiple sources. It is mostly difficult and time-consuming for a business user with relevant domain knowledge to model new ideas with different parameters and to get new scenario results.


✔ Simple and intuitive PowerBI cockpit with the possibility of filtering and downloading Supply Chain data. Due to a sophisticated permission concept, every user sees the relevant data and is able to manage and optimize the report’s infrastructure.

✔ The report is intuitive – it starts with a high-level KPIs overview for the top management, followed by a trend analysis for each topic.

Supply Chain Visibility Use Case


Data access is fully managed, compliant, and reliable, with no e-mail or Stick exchange. The customer gains internal knowledge development, followed by trust and confidence in the scenarios for better decision-making.


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Log-hub Chief Data and Analytics Officer

Chief Data and Analytics Officer
Sandro Brändle

Have a question about our Data, Analytics and AI Consulting Services? You can contact our CDAO directly.

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