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We help organizations get strategic value out of their supply chain and logistics data, by integrating fully automated, customized Data, Analytics, and AI solutions. Through close collaboration with our customers, we empower them to enhance end-to-end transparency, create realistic simulations, improve efficiency, and make informed decisions based on our extensive experience and cutting-edge methods and technologies.

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What we do?


Data is the new oil.

Clive Humby, British mathematician and entrepreneur

1. EXTRACTION: Just as oil is extracted from the ground, data is gathered from various sources.

2. COLLECTION: Similar to gathering crude oil from multiple wells, data is collected from different channels.

3. PROCESSING: Like refining crude oil into usable products, data undergoes processing where it is transformed into a format suitable for analysis.

4. STORING: After refining, oil is stored in tanks for distribution. Similarly, processed data is stored in databases, data lakes, or cloud storage systems.

5. VALUE:  Just as refined oil products are used to power vehicles and industries, the ultimate goal of data processing is to extract value.

What makes us different?

Fabio Menegola

Fabio Menegola

Head of Supply Chain Excellence

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The significant added value of Log-hub AG is that they deliver what they promise. They possess technical expertise, have profound supply chain and logistics knowledge, and deliver what they promised quickly and with high quality. Additionally, what I find very positive is their flexibility and agility in collaboration. We always find a mutually agreed-upon solution.

Sustainable Supply Chain Innovation

Together, we generate an innovative and sustainable value from your supply chain and logistics data, ensuring continuous optimization tailored to your unique supply chain needs.

Bridging Supply Chain and IT

Leveraging our profound experience, we help you bridge the gap between supply chain/logistics and IT, translating diverse languages for effective collaboration

Straightforward Commitment

We are committed to giving you a new and honest perspective on your challenges. We prioritize straightforward communication without unnecessary complexity.

End-to-End Data Consulting

Specializing in supply chain and logistics, we offer end-to-end data consulting, from conceptualization to implementation, focusing on customized Data, Analytics & AI.

Robust Data and Analytics Architecture

As data experts, we assist in building a robust and sustainable data and analytics architecture that aligns with your cultural, processual, and technical requirements.

Our Expertise



Data is nowadays the core for transparency and making decisions based on reliable facts. It empowers companies to increase end-to-end transparency through full automation and process optimization.

Advanced Supply Chain Visibility on Supply Chain Map


Together, we tailor a Data Strategy to best suit your company. Taking into account your maturity level, overall strategy, employment dynamics, and processes, we work together to formulate a strategy with corresponding milestones and necessary changes to achieve the defined objectives.


We help in raising awareness about the significance of data within your organization through practical use cases. Drawing on our experience, small-scale examples and persuasive efforts can effectively convince your company’s top management to prioritize data more highly.


We are data experts and have many years of experience in building and operating data platforms on-prem and in the cloud.


Specializing in the supply chain and logistics industry, we bring more than just technical expertise; we offer a profound business perspective.


Establishing guardrails to protect employee autonomy and define rules and definitions is crucial. Data governance and data management are instrumental in ensuring that a company avoids ending up in a chaotic situation.


The key is to transform data into transparent and easily understandable insights for business users. Ensuring a proper user experience is essential.

Center of Gravity Analysis in Excel, Network Design Optimization, Nearest Warehouse


A comprehensive strategy is crucial for achieving alignment among diverse stakeholders, bridging the gap from business to IT, and avoiding impulsive decisions. We assist in establishing a unified vision and strategy, leveraging our expertise in mediating between business and IT to construct enduring bridges.


Leveraging synergies and enhancing efficiency in developing, maintaining, and interpreting analytics requires minimal standardization. Standardizing analytics ensures uniform use of tools, structures, visuals, naming conventions, etc. This prevents complications that may arise in the long run.


Developing analytics dashboards for business stakeholders can be challenging, particularly in effectively communicating their requirements. We offer assistance by leveraging our extensive experience and business knowledge, helping stakeholders articulate feasible and valuable requirements.


Establishing guardrails becomes essential when a large number of individuals engage with a system or tool. Defining structures, implementing governance, and communicating legal conditions become crucial, especially in the realm of uncharted analysis. Leveraging our expertise and experience, we can assist you in gaining control over this aspect.

AI & Machine Learning

AI holds tangible benefits for companies leveraging existing data. It enables process automation, risk identification, failure reduction, fraud detection, and the creation of new products or services to establish a unique selling proposition (USP).

Analyze Delivery Disruptions with Milkrun Optimization. Optimize pickup and delivery with Last mile optimizer. Transport Optimization.


Through close collaboration, we assist you in navigating the various AI topics, helping define a strategy tailored to your company. Together, we implement initial AI use cases, empowering you with the skills to independently execute subsequent AI projects.


Our experts bring hands-on experience in developing and implementing AI use cases, including proficiency in working with neural networks.


Embarking on AI is akin to a journey, marked by a valuable learning curve. Log-hub supports you throughout this journey, from initiating your first use case to managing expectations at the leadership level and executing AI use cases operationally.


Cloud transforms business strategies, requiring  infrastructure reevaluation, scalability, flexibility, and resilience. While different approaches for cloud journeys exist, they all need to be tailored to your company.

Demand Fofrecasting Tools. Inventory Management and Inventory Simulations with ABC and XYZ analysis.


Through extensive collaboration, we craft a comprehensive cloud strategy tailored to your unique situation and maturity level. This process involves a consideration of technical, procedural, and organizational aspects, guiding your company’s transformation towards the cloud.


We assist in empowering your employees to establish a risk-free cloud foundation. Throughout the process, we motivate and enhance the skills of your employees, ensuring their ability to manage and operate the cloud foundation infrastructure.


Many companies possess on-premise infrastructure or components requiring migration to the cloud. Leveraging our experience, we aid in structuring and planning the migration to minimize risks, keep costs low, and swiftly realize the benefits of the cloud.


We provide guidance on operating the cloud based on your resources and structures. Additionally, we advise on establishing effective cloud governance tailored to your needs.

A word from our CDAO

How we work?

Sandro Brändle

Sandro Braendle, CDAO

We infuse our experience into your company

Our broad business and technical expertise make us adept translators between stakeholders, ensuring rapid and sustainable business value through through iterative processes. We’re a supportive community that efficiently addresses challenges from top to bottom.

We believe in true partnership

We believe in faster, more effective collaboration through partnerships, saving valuable resources. We aim for collaborative, equal partnerships with diverse teams to address various aspects. Our ultimate goal is to empower partners to independently continue their progress in data innovation.

Start small and build up trust

Successful partnerships start with manageable projects that enable us to understand each other’s values, thinking, and situations. This approach builds trust among stakeholders and drives tangible progress.

We always act proactively

Our projects go beyond slide decks; we guide customers on a journey to long-term success, collaborating from the start, and providing knowledge, tools, and methods to create lasting value wherever needed.

We strive for agility and interations

Efficient success comes through an agile, iterative approach—growing step by step, increasing business value, involving stakeholders from the start, and empowering people daily for sustainable, long-term success.

Business Value

The core values you will get with our Data, Analytics & AI Services.

Empowering People through Data Innovation

Challenge biases, innovate with data, analytics, and AI for transformative insights and unparalleled results.

Customized analytics solutions

We craft tailored data, analytics, and AI solutions to elevate your capabilities, whether you’re starting or advancing your journey.

Higher digitalization and automatization

Enable individuals to concentrate on impactful tasks by minimizing manual and error-prone handling of data.

Operational efficiency and cost reduction

Identify and address data blind spots, implementing targeted solutions to effectively eliminate any associated negative impacts.

Increased end-to-end transparency

Boost supply chain transparency for a clearer picture, reducing risks and enhancing resilience proactively.

Increased trust in data, analytics and AI

Reliable figures and dashboards rely on structured, standardized, current data, minimizing unnecessary political discussions.

Confident data-driven decision-making

Make confident, data-driven decisions with minimal risk by reducing uncertainty and aligning with your unique business situation.

Agile Time-to-Market Acceleration

Respond to market changes, get maximum value, and accelerate time-to-market with adaptable and agile business strategies.


Learn about what we can do for you.

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Sandro Breandle, Chief data and analytics officer in Log-hub AG

Chief Data and Analytics Officer

Sandro Brändle

Have a question about our Data, Analytics & AI Consulting Services? You can contact our CDAO directly.

Schwandweg 5, Schindellegi

Switzerland 8834

Tel: +381 60 358 52 83


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