Data Integration and Data Science


We build end-to-end data science workflows for your Supply Chain Planning tasks. All workflows are reusable. This means that if one underlying data source is changed, the workflow is processed automatically, and you get new insights in a matter of seconds. These workflows can be deployed on your infrastructure and Log-hub experts can enable your team to manage and build new workflows on their own.

Data Integration from any source

  • We connect and combine simple text formats (CSV, PDF, XLS, JSON, XML, etc), unstructured data types (images, documents, networks etc), or time series data.
  • We connect to a host of databases and data warehouses to integrate data from Oracle, Microsoft SQL, Apache Hive, and more. Load Avro, Parquet, or ORC files from HDFS, S3, or Azure.
  • We access and retrieve data from sources such as Twitter, AWS S3, Google Sheets, and Azure.

Data shaping and transformation

  • We derive statistics, including mean, quantiles, and standard deviation, or apply statistical tests to validate a hypothesis. Integrate dimension reduction, correlation analysis, and more into your workflows.
  • We aggregate, sort, filter, and join data either on your local machine, in-database, or in distributed big data environments.
  • We clean and prepare data through normalization, data type conversion, and missing value handling. We detect out-of-range values with outlier and anomaly detection algorithms.
  • We extract and select features (or construct new ones) to prepare your dataset for machine learning. We manipulate text, apply formulas on numerical data, and apply rules to filter out or mark samples.

Machine Learning and AI

  • We build machine learning models for classification, regression, dimension reduction, or clustering, using advanced algorithms including deep learning, tree-based methods, and logistic regression.
  • We optimize model performance with hyperparameter optimization, boosting, bagging, stacking, or building complex ensembles.
  • We validate models by applying performance metrics including Accuracy, R², AUC, and ROC, and perform cross-validation to guarantee model stability.


  • We place data in visual context with standard BI solutions like Microsoft PowerBi or Tableau. Interactive dashboards help the relevant people in your organization get the insights they need.
  • We export reports as PDF, Powerpoint, or other formats for use in presentation of your results to stakeholders.

Your benefits

Log-hub Data Integration and Data Science


Our Data Analytics experts help you make your data transparent. Reusable end-to end workflows ensure that you get the updates regularly without any manual effort.

New Insights

Continuous improvement of your Supply Chain processes through Machine Learning and AI help detect patterns in your data and learn how you can improve your business.


Make better decisions through new insights into your data. We help you visualize the workflow results in interactive dashboards that can be shared within your organization.

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