Everyone enjoys the smell of freshly cut flowers and we all like to keep cut flowers around as long as possible. Whenever we buy a bouquet or anniversary arrangement at our favorite florist, we wonder: For how many days will our flowers continue to look and smell nice? The internet is full of methods and tricks to make the blossoms last longer. But wouldn’t it also be nice to know the origin of the bunch of fragrant roses we bought? Or the day they were cut? Let’s see if blockchain technology can make the floral industry more transparent and simplify the Supply Chain!

Kenya’s flowers for Europe

As a fact, Kenya is Europe’s largest flower exporter and Switzerland marks no exception. Most of the cut flowers you can buy in Switzerland have their origin in the African country.  This marks a distance of more than ten thousand kilometers. It is a long journey from grower to consumer, with several encounters: There are many detours, traders, brokers and distributors along the way. Established export and import processes further decelerate the journey. Each station among the floral supply chain increases the costs. Further, both the quality and the freshness of the flowers suffer. Therefore, also their lifetime is shortened. 

The ‘Flower-Power’ Blockchain-Approach

On the 22nd and 23rd of June, Log-hub took part at the ipt Hackathon, organized by the Swiss-based IT-Consulting company ipt. The goal was to develop innovative business solutions using blockchain technology. With the “Flower-Power”-Blockchain solution our team aimed to increase transparency within the floral industry and make the flowers long-lasting. By speeding up the supply chain, the “Flower-Power”-Blockchain approach enables florists and growers to interact directly, with no middle-man involved. This makes the flower-trade more efficient, as the flowers arrive faster. And most importantly, more freshness is guaranteed. After all, what could be better than the sweet, floral smell of fresh flowers in your home? Our ‘Flower-Power’-approach was not the only innovative blockchain-solution which was developed at ipt’s annual hackathon. Learn more about the event here:

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