Go for growth! This slogan is the main ambition of Log-hub team, and our colleagues from all around the world gathered around it on an amazing journey.

From May 10th – 16th our entire team met on Zlatibor, an exhilarating and outstanding mountain in Serbia. We spent these days showing that nature and science are an unsurpassed combination, creating a space for growth, knowledge, and fun.

The days at Zlatibor were fulfilled with amazing workshops and teamwork. Conference rooms, late nights under the sky full of stars, boats, or mountain tops – no place was out of limits when it came to brainstorming and sharing amazing ideas among the team members. Our ‘’Go for growth’’ workshops were focused on reaching out to many more Supply Chain planners around the globe, planning how to efficiently resolve their challenges, and increase customer satisfaction. The entire team also got a chance to attend our Advisory Board Meeting, which was the center of gravity for knowledge, brainstorming, and Supply Chain and Logistics expertise.

The slogan of our teambuilding was Go for growth, but also Go for drinks and amazing food, where we recovered the energy spent both on expressing outstanding ideas and exploring the amazing Zlatibor mountain. We hiked to the top, but only the strongest lasted to the end! Log-hub adventures were filled with an ancient train ride to Mokra Gora, as well as a boat tour to the wonderful and famous Uvac Canyon, one of the most attractive tourist destinations in Serbia.

We finished this unforgettable time on Zlatibor mountain with group games and exercise, strengthening the team spirit.

Before saying goodbye, we had a plain ride over the mountain, catching one last glimpse of its astonishing landscape. Growth was definitely a highlight of this trip, in terms of business, team, fun, bonding, and friendship.

Au revoir Team! Can’t wait for the next adventure!

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