One of Europe’s leading logistics events, the 35t International Supply Chain Conference took place in Berlin, Germany from October 17th-19th. Again, Log-hub was one of the exhibitors. The conference, organized by the German Logistics Association (BVL) was a diverse event with value-added benefits  for every participant. More than 3000 participants attended the congress. As an illustration of our mission ‘Supply Chain Planning – Made Easy’ we adapted the Speed Dating format. During the three-day congress Log-hub’s experts were happy to demonstrate our Supply Chain Solutions to every attendee who came by in our Speed Dating Lounge.

Digitalization meets Reality

This years’ slogan of the congress was „digitalization meets reality“. In the light of the theme, many panel discussions and keynote sessions took place. Notably, the association emphasized the idea that digitalization is not only a technological concept but rather an intelligent driver of change. This is particularly crucial in the world of logistics and supply chain. New technologies are transforming the way the industry is shaped and Log-hub is aiming to revolutionize the world of logistics. As we are a pioneer in Supply Chain and Warehousing, Log-hub was a perfect fit to the spirit of the conference.

Log-hub Speed Dating Lounge

Every year, the congress is a platform for interaction between professionals in IT, logistics, transport and services, manufacturing or science. In order to show homage to this heterogenous environment we established a Speed Dating Lounge. We often heard the question “Can we make an appointment, please?” and we were happy to select the perfect match for every attendee. The Log-hub team was also quite diverse: Our global representatives and both our partners from Aratus (The Netherlands) and 3SC (India) were on site.

Speed is one of Log-hub’s key values. Therefore, Our passionate logistic experts demonstrated our Supply Chain Solutions live and vis-a-vis. Due to sophisticated technology and comprehensible app workflows the planning world is loaded within few seconds and works immediately. Thus, no long waiting times were happening. In addition to the Supply Chain solution, Log-hub has another key activity. We want to make your Supply Chain more flexible through on-demand warehousing. Our global warehousing “airbnb”-solution thrives, as rapid dating and deployment are our top priority. How could this be better emphasized than within a Speed Dating Lounge?

Did you fall in love with our Supply Chain Solutions, yet?

Due to the diversity of the event, it is a great platform for innovation, inspiration and creating synergies between the different sectors. It was a successful event for Log-hub, with many exciting meetings in our Speed Dating Lounge. We look forward to seeing you all at next years conference. A huge thanks to all of you who contributed to make the Log-hub Speed Dating Lounge a great success. Check out our App Portfolio here and see what our Supply Chain Apps have to offer.

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