The center of science, knowledge, and supply chain leading innovations is found in the Annual Conference of the Operations Research Society of Germany. The Conference took place at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), from 6 – 9 of September, 2022.

Scientists and researchers from all over the world were invited to join and contribute to OR 2022 with a focus on Energy, Information and Mobility. The conference provided a platform for scientists and researchers to discuss their work, create networking opportunities, share knowledge and experience, and interact with leading industry experts.

Besides our Co-CEO Jan Sigmund, and CTO Alexander Sigmund, Log-hub’s representatives at the conference were also amazing data engineers, Florian Brunner, and Jonas Sigmund. Our team has spent high-quality time spreading the Log-hub products’ philosophy and functionalities among many scientists and researchers from all over the world.

The topic of their performance were Supply Chain Optimization solutions, modeling languages and platforms, and the field of Software Applications and Modeling Systems. One more golden star in the sky of top experts is Prof. Dr. Stefan Nickel, one of the members of our Advisory Board, who is a part of the Organizing Committee.

Supply Chain Leaders are made with patience and dedication in order to gain the right tools for the upcoming challenges, trends, and opportunities. Log-hub is their constant companion on that road of growth to ultimate success!

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