A partnership that empowers brands to take climate actions. Analyze and optimize your CO2 emissions, and cross the final line to net zero by offsetting with Pledge.

Our partnership with Pledge means that in addition to our solutions, our customers will now be able to calculate their carbon footprint and understand their top emitters.

Pledge handles all the complexities of robust supply chain carbon accounting from data integration to adherence with globally recognized methodologies and frameworks such as GHG, GLEC, and ICAO.

With our CO2 Emissions App, as a part of our standard Supply Chain Apps Portfolio, you are able to analyze and optimize your carbon footprint directly in Excel. As a final line to net zero, you can use Pledge’s offsetting marketplace. There, you will have access to a broad range of verified projects and removal technologies.

What did the CEOs say?

We’re excited to support Log-hub to bring carbon footprint visibility and impactful climate action to its customers. Together we can accelerate the decarbonisation of supply chains.

David Picciotto

Co-Founder and CEO, Pledge

By partnering with Pledge, we’ve enabled our customers to directly calculate their carbon footprint in Excel and through our apps. Our Supply Chain Apps coupled with Pledge’s offsetting platform form the perfect toolset for the journey to Net Zero.

Jan Sigmund

Co-Founder and CEO, Log-hub

Sounds like a perfect tool for you?

Learn more about the CO2 App, or directly book a call with our sales team.

About Pledge

Pledge is an integrated suite of climate tools that lets businesses incorporate trusted carbon measurement, reduction and carbon removal capabilities into their customer offering quickly and easily. By giving their customers the tools they need to understand and manage their climate impact, businesses meet demand for ESG initiatives, win new business and build a talented, purpose-driven workforce. Its backers include Visionaries Club, Lowercarbon Capital and Zinal Growth.

For more information visit https://www.pledge.io/

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