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My Maps Platform is a powerful geospatial analysis platform to create, style, save and share maps.

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Create & style beautiful data-driven maps

See what others have been creating with Supply Chain Apps

Center of Gravity

Visualization of a Network Design Optimization scenario in Europe with Center of Gravity app.

Area Mapper

Mapping of customer locations with sales areas in Spain.

Last Mile

Visualization of the optimization results of last mile deliveries in Spain.

Milkrun Optimization

Visualization of cost-optimal route plans for inbound and outbound shipments.

ZIP Areas Switzerland

Visualization of the number of sold items per ZIP area in Switzerland.


Visualization of the reachable areas within a certain amount of time in Vancouver.

Share maps and business insights with your team and customers

Learn how it works

1. Create maps with Supply Chain Apps

Download Supply Chain Add-in from the Microsoft Office Store and use sophisticated planning tools to gain new business insights.

2. Style your maps

Style and customize your maps in the My Maps Portal. Adjust colors, icons and themes to create beautiful maps.

3. Save & share your maps

 Organize your maps and projects in workspaces. Viewing shared maps is possible with a FREE account.

Embed My Maps Platform in Microsoft Teams

Bring your maps into your everyday work

Empower team members to discover insights

Discover hidden insights in your geospatial data. Easily discuss and evaluate results within the team.

Keep your team up to date

All team members have access to the latest Supply Chain visualizations and planning results.

Create a data-driven culture

Maps reveal the world around us. Transform tabular data into beautiful maps to learn where your business is gaining traction.

How to integrate My Maps Platform in Microsoft Team in 3 steps


Step 1:

Navigate to the Microsoft Teams channel where you would like to integrate the My Maps Platform and click on “Add tab”.

Step 2:

Search for “Website” and then click on the tile “Add Website”.

Step 3:

Paste the My Maps Portal URL:

to the URL field, select a tab name and then click on save.

The My Maps Portal is now available in the new tab. Sign in with your Supply Chain Apps account and view your maps and workspaces.

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