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Log-hub unveiled the highly anticipated Log-hub 3.0 release. This update not only introduced a groundbreaking Network Design Simulator with which users can simulate and compare different scenarios, there’s also an addition to the Supply Chain Apps portfolio. The app range now contains the Manage Dataset app and ABC XYZ Analysis app.

As already mentioned, the Network Design Simulator, a powerful tool designed to transform how businesses design, optimize, and analyze their supply chain systems. It enables users to simulate various scenarios and configurations, enabling them to gain valuable insights into the impact on costs, lead times, and risk. This allows businesses to assess the potential impact of changes to their supply chain, helping them make informed decisions.

Network Design Simulator users can simulate growth possibilities in specific regions and segments, gaining a comprehensive understanding of how expansion may affect their current network. This feature provides businesses with the insights needed to make informed decisions about scaling operations. The tool also incorporates risk Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) into its simulations. Users can now analyze and compare risk factors across multiple scenarios simultaneously, allowing for a more comprehensive risk assessment. The tools bring the possibility of potential future scenario simulation and comparison, based on costs and lead times. Users are also able to compare the results using customizable maps or insightful dashboards and make data-driven decisions and opt for the optimal scenario.


Supply Chain Visualiation


Additionally, Log-hub has introduced a collaborative feature within the Network Design Simulator. This means teams can work together seamlessly, share insights, and collectively evaluate the best course of action for their supply chain.

The Network Design Simulator is poised to be a valuable addition to Log-hub’s portfolio, offering supply chain professionals an indispensable tool to navigate the challenges and opportunities of the modern business landscape.

Beyond the Network Design Simulator, Log-hub 3.0 release introduces the Manage Dataset app to Supply Chain Apps suite. This application enables users to easily manage their existing datasets or create new ones. They can seamlessly upload and download datasets from Excel to the platform, and vice versa.

And lastly, this release brings the possibility to classify the users inventory items combining their value and variability of demand using the ABC XYZ Analysis app. The app allows users to classify their inventory items into 9 categories, by their value and variability of demand. Detailed dashboards bring the possibility of investigating the current inventory state, with the analysis of the most important KPIs for each class and item, such as share and variation coefficient.

In a nutshell, Log-hub’s recent release brings forth a collection of innovations set to revolutionize supply chain management. Log-hub’s commitment to enhancing user experience lies at the heart of their mission. They are broadening their horizons to ensure their customers enjoy a more comprehensive and efficient user experience across the entire spectrum.


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