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End of March brings with it Log-hub’s latest platform release, Log-hub 3.1, designed to further streamline and enhance supply chain planning. This release brings a set of improvements including optimized performance, improved visualizations, and exciting new features to Log-hub’s application portfolio.

The update brings a revamped version of Network Design Simulator. The simulator has been optimized to work with bigger tables and datasets, while the visualizations have been improved to offer a more detailed view of the simulation results.

Log-hub 3.1 brings updates regarding supply chain mapping, allowing users to create maps based on already made datasets directly through the Log-hub platform.

Log-hub 3.1 brings a fine-tuned cost adjustment table in Network Design+ and Location Planning App, needed for more accurate modeling. Additionally, the apps have been upgraded with a cutting-edge solver, enhancing the optimization process. Lastly, there’s the expanded dashboard visualizations for more in-depth analysis. These improvements enable users to achieve pinpoint accuracy in modeling and make data-driven decisions.

In brief, the recent release from Log-hub introduces a range of innovations designed to enhance the field of supply chain management. They are expanding their reach to guarantee that their customers enjoy a more comprehensive and efficient user experience in every aspect.

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