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The beginning of June brings Log-hub’s newest platform update, Log-hub 3.2, designed to streamline the operations of supply chain planners. These updates bring improvements to multiple apps and categories in the Log-hub’s app portfolio.

This release brings some changes to the Network Design Simulator. Most prominent change is the flexible shipment consolidation frequency. With it, users can now change their shipment consolidation frequency to their liking. They can use daily, weekly, monthly frequency, or even combine the days to define the frequency of shipment consolidation. 

Multiple improvements have been introduced to the Supply Chain Map app. From now on, users can use sea routes in their mapping, enabling them to visualize their maritime transport and set up routing restrictions to ensure routes avoid specific areas. Additionally, the geographical data precision is enhanced with the inclusion of Nomenclature of Territorial Units for Statistics (NUTS). Interactive map filtering is also a big step up in this release. Now users can filter maps directly on the platform and auto-update map visuals upon dataset changes.

Supply Chain Visualiation

To show the understanding of customers’ needs towards green solutions, Log-hub extended the CO2 Emissions app with the ability to calculate carbon footprint for the rail transport, besides already present road, air, and sea mode.

This upgrade gives a more in-depth warehouse visualization in the Network Design, Network Design Plus and Location Planning apps. Now users can visualize hidden map layers for potential warehouses directly on the map and compare them with optimal locations.

To recap, Log-hub’s latest release ushers in a suite of innovations that have the potential to elevate the field of supply chain management. Log-hub’s core mission centers on enhancing the user experience, and they are extending their outreach to ensure their customers benefit from an even more comprehensive and efficient user experience on all fronts.

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