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Log-hub has officially launched their most recent version of the platform, Log-hub 3.3. This release introduces a brand-new app named providing a wide range of features.

With the Shipment Analyzer app, users now have access to a detailed breakdown of shipment trends, providing crucial insights for strategic decision-making. Additionally, they can utilize benchmark tariffs, cost adjustments, and consolidation rules to optimize expenditures. The update also empowers businesses to analyze fulfilment rates, offering a better understanding of transit time patterns and seasonality. Notably, the Log-hub to sustainability shines through with the ability to assess CO2 emissions based on shipping mode, carrier, capacity class, time, and region, allowing for eco-conscious choices in supply chain management.


Supply Chain Visualiation

This release brings enhancement in routing optimization as well. From now on, In the Transportation Optimization Plus and Milkrun Optimization Plus users can optimize their routes with fixed or hourly costs and maximum travel time, which ensures time efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Additionally, now users can define flexible driver brakes, adjusting earliest and latest starting times.

The newest release brings the Save in Platform feature, available for Center of Gravity apps (Center of Gravity, Center of Gravity +, and Fixed Center of Gravity). The feature enables users to directly save their analysis to Log-hub platform with just one click, including input data, results, and different visualization types.

To sum it up, Log-hub’s latest release introduces a range of innovations made the field of supply chain planning. Log-hub’s central mission revolves around enhancing the user experience, and they are extending their efforts to ensure their customers benefit from a more extensive and efficient user experience in all aspects.

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