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Log-hub has launched their latest update Log-hub 3.4, the most recent platform version. With this release, Log-hub introduced two new features to their platform, ‘Save in Platform’ and ‘Scenario Comparison’. Additionally, they launched a new app, Freight Matrix. Log-hub 3.4 is tailored to the needs of supply chain professionals, bringing in a range of necessary enhancements.

One of the main features of this release is the introduction of the ‘Save in Platform’ functionality. It enables users to seamlessly preserve their work directly within the Log-hub platform. It streamlines operations by allowing users to access input or output data, maps, and dashboards, directly on the platform. This gives them the flexibility to pick up where they left off at any given moment.

Another remarkable addition is the ‘Scenario Comparison‘ feature. This innovation empowers users with a deeper understanding of their supply chain management. By allowing users to compare multiple scenarios side by side, Log-hub facilitates more informed decision-making and comprehensive scenario analysis, ultimately enhancing supply chain efficiency. With this feature, users can compare different visualizations, such as maps and dashboards, and customize their maps as they normally would. In addition to visual comparison, this feature also enables users to compare their input and output data between different scenarios. And last but certainly not least, the Log-hub 3.4 release concentrates on the collaboration feature, further enhancing the functionality of our platform and teamwork.


Supply Chain Visualiation

These two groundbreaking features are available in the Network Design Optimization category.

Beyond these remarkable updates, Log-hub 3.4 introduces a brand-new application called Freight Matrix. This addition promises supply chain professionals. Using one of the seven most common matrix types, Freight Matrix equips professionals with data-driven decision-making tools, enabling them to gain a better overview of their shipping operations. This results in the reduction of inefficiencies and an overall enhancement of supply chain performance.

In summary, Log-hub’s new release brings with it a suite of innovations that promise to improve the world of supply chain management. The company’s dedication to improving user experience is at the core of Log-hub’s mission. They are expanding their reach to ensure that users, as their valued customers, enjoy an even more comprehensive and efficient user experience across the board.

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