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Introducing Stepwise Cost Function and Enhanced Features Across Supply Chain Apps.

Log-hub is wrapping-up the 2023 with a significant update release — Log-hub 3.5. This release brings major updates for some of the most used supply chain apps in their portfolio.

Take a look at what the Log-hub 3.5 release has in store for you:

    Now let’s dive deeper into the functionalities of these updates.

    Save in platform and Scenario Comparison for Transport Optimization Plus, Milkrun Optimization Plus and Last Mile apps

    Due to the overwhelming positive response to the Save in Platform and Scenario Comparison features, Log-hub has extended these capabilities to Milkrun Optimization Plus, Transport Optimization Plus, and Last Mile applications. The Save in Platform feature allows you to seamlessly save calculations from Excel-based supply chain apps directly on the Log-hub platform. This integration of robust, cloud-based capabilities with the familiarity of Excel-based apps helps you streamline workflow efficiency.

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    Furthermore, Log-hub’s Scenario Comparison feature enables you to compare and analyze saved scenarios side by side, offering deeper insights into supply chain planning and informed decision-making. Alongside these features, you can easily share your projects and collaborate on them with your team, allowing you to pool your knowledge and expertise to analyze challenges from different angles, increasing the likelihood of finding effective and efficient solutions.

    Scenario comparison – dashboard comparison for Center of Gravity app

    The Scenario Comparison feature extends its capabilities to dashboards for the Centre of Gravity app, allowing you to compare key metrics in a single dashboard. By analyzing compared key metrics such as the number of centers, customers, scenario costs, and savings of various scenarios in a single dashboard, you’ll get greater transparency and enhanced overall decision-making efficiency.

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    Stepwise cost function in the Network Design Plus app

    The stepwise cost function in the Network Design Plus app provides a more detailed and realistic modelling of warehousing costs for professionals in the supply chain industry.

    For those familiar with the intricacies of warehouse costs, Log-hub’s Stepwise Cost Function revolutionizes network design calculations. By incorporating different fixed and variable costs based on weight or volume assigned to the warehouse, this tool enables a more precise and realistic determination of warehousing costs.

    The Stepwise Cost Function empowers supply chain professionals to optimize network design by identifying the optimal number and locations of warehouses. It facilitates an understanding of cost efficiencies through centralization or decentralization of warehousing structures, and it allows for analysis of how variations in warehouse numbers and locations impact overall costs.

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    The idea to create the stepwise cost function was born from discussions and an input from one of Log-hub’s clients as a true testament of their commitment to help professionals in supply chain get state-of-the-art tools for their supply chain optimization projects.

    More Refined Map of Australia in the Supply Chain Map App

    For those optimizing supply chains in Australia, Log-hub introduces a more refined map in the Supply Chain Map app. Enhancements for statistical areas data allow you to work in much more detail, mapping out 6128 different areas. Log-hub acknowledges your valuable input that led to these enhancements.

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    Nearest Warehouses App Enhancement: Street Level Warehouse Assignment and Unassigned Customers Table

    Log-hub’s Nearest Warehouses app now features street-level warehouse assignment. You can locate warehouses near your customers and benefit from enhanced results with an Unassigned Customers table. And with the relevant KPIs provided, you can also predict the location of the next customer with the increase in radius.

    New integration possibilities for Shipment Analyzer App

    In the world of integration, Log-hub offers new API integration possibilities and KNIME nodes for addresses and latitude/longitude approaches in the Shipment Analyzer app, providing users with expanded functionalities and flexibility.

    Log-hub’s commitment to innovation and continuous improvement is evident in Log-hub 3.5, as the company empowers supply chain professionals with advanced tools to make data-driven decisions, foster collaborative environments, and scale operations efficiently.

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