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Log-hub announces the release of the latest update, Log-hub 4.2. The Log-hub 4.2 update introduces several new features that enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of supply chain management, enabling businesses to improve productivity, and gain strategic insights significantly.

Embark on our Freight Management Journey

Log-hub has been on the freight management journey for some time to enhance freight management processes for its customers.

      The cost pressure in the supply chain field increased a lot in the last year. And the innovations that we are introducing to the freight management will help our customers make the right choices in the selection of their partners and logistic providers,” said Alex Sigmund, CTO of Log-hub.

      It all started with the Freight Matrix App which allowed for transparent freight costs by comparing different structures and enabling cost evaluation and optimal selection of the logistics partners for the customers. The Freight Matrix App has evolved from a pure Excel-based tool to a cloud-based platform, fostering collaboration, customization, and transparency in freight management. Integration with KNIME Nodes and APIs offers advanced freight cost calculation, simulation, and transport cost evaluation across various shipment levels.

          Supply Chain Visualiation

          INTRODUCING THE FREIGHT MATRIX PLUS APP. The Freight Matrix Plus App from the Log-hub 4.2 takes this a step further by enabling users to integrate pre-created freight matrices directly into Excel from the Log-hub platform, eliminating manual data entry and saving time for frequent shipment cost assessments. This feature also allows users to select and apply saved freight matrices within their workspace, streamlining the workflow and enabling quick and accurate cost evaluations across various scenarios.

              Supply Chain Visualiation

              Accurate mapping comparisons

              The Map Viewbox feature in Log-hub 4.2 allows users to save and replicate their preferred map position, zoom level, and 3D settings across multiple maps and scenarios, ensuring consistent and efficient supply chain visualization and analysis. This feature facilitates precise comparisons by applying identical view boxes, allowing users to assess changes and impacts accurately across different optimization solutions.

              Supply Chain Visualiation


              The Scenario Comparison feature, first introduced in October 2023, was born from the feedback and discussions with Log-hub’s users. Since its initial release, the feature has been praised by users and has been gradually introduced and enhanced across the entire suite of Supply Chain Apps.

              The Scenario Comparison feature in Log-hub’s ABC, XYZ, and ABC/XYZ apps enables users to save and compare multiple scenarios directly within each app. This feature provided valuable insights, enabling users to come up with inventory strategies and precise prioritization. By streamlining decision-making processes and enhancing overall inventory efficiency, this feature helps businesses reduce costs, minimize stockouts, and maximize profitability.

              Supply Chain Visualiation


              The Save Scenarios with APIs feature allows users to automatically save and overwrite scenarios directly from KNIME or Python, ensuring seamless integration and streamlined scenario management within their designated workspaces. This simplifies complex scenario analysis by enabling multiple calculated scenarios to be saved in one place, facilitating rapid comparison and optimization directly within the platform. Additionally, automated saving through APIs enhances productivity by eliminating the need for manual intervention during scenario iteration.

              Supply Chain Visualiation

              Simplifying complex scenario analysis has been a key priority for our team,” said Jan Sigmund, CEO of Log-hub. “The ‘Save Scenarios with APIs’ feature allows our users to save multiple calculated scenarios in one place, facilitating rapid comparison and optimization directly within the platform. This not only enhances productivity but also streamlines the entire workflow, enabling efficient scenario iteration and comprehensive analysis.”

              The Log-hub 4.2 update is a testament to the company’s unwavering commitment to continuous innovation and its dedication to addressing the evolving needs of its customers. These groundbreaking features, developed in response to customer feedback and industry trends, further solidify Log-hub’s position as a trusted provider of supply chain optimization solutions.

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