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In a significant move to enhance supply chain optimization capabilities worldwide, Log-hub and KNIME announce their strategic partnership. This collaboration brings together Log-hub’s innovative and AI-based supply chain algorithms highly focusing on network design and route optimization with KNIME’s intuitive platform for end-to-end data science.

The partnership integrates Log-hub’s cutting-edge AI-based supply chain solutions directly into the KNIME ecosystem via specialized KNIME nodes. This integration enables organizations to leverage Log-hub’s network design and route optimization capabilities seamlessly within KNIME’s data science workflows. Additionally, Log-hub’s team of supply chain and data experts provides services to customize and implement KNIME’s end-to-end data science capabilities specifically for supply chain use cases, ensuring that solutions are precisely tailored to meet the unique challenges of the supply chain industry.

Unprecedented Synergy for Supply Chain Excellence

This strategic partnership marks a milestone in the fusion of supply chain management and data science. The low-code/no-code KNIME Analytics Platform gives supply chain experts access to advanced analytics techniques. Combined with Log-hub’s specialized supply chain expertise, the partnership promises to significantly reduce supply chain disruptions, enhance decision-making, and improve overall profitability and sustainability for businesses globally.

KNIME, known for its focus on making working with data intuitive, finds a perfect complement in Log-hub’s mission to transform supply chain data into actionable insights. Log-hub’s innovative software solutions and expert consulting services are designed to optimize business operations, reduce costs, and force sustainability.

A Commitment to Global Supply Chain Leadership

KNIME and Log-hub share a vision for global leadership in their respective domains. This partnership is a testament to their commitment to innovation and excellence in the service of businesses across various industries, from logistics and retail to FMCG and beyond.


KNIME helps everybody make sense of data. Its free and open-source KNIME Analytics Platform enables anyone, whether they come from a business, technical, or data background, to intuitively work with data every day. KNIME Business Hub is the commercial complement to the KNIME Analytics Platform and enables users to collaborate on data science and share insights across the organization. Together, the products support the complete data science lifecycle, allowing teams at all levels of analytics readiness to support the operationalization of data and to build a scalable data science practice.

About Log-hub

Log-hub is at the forefront of transforming the complex world of supply chain optimization through its innovative AI-based software solutions and expert consulting services. With a focus on turning supply chain data into actionable insights, Log-hub is dedicated to optimizing business operations, reducing costs, and enhancing sustainability, aiming to be a global leader in supply chain optimization and sustainability solutions.

For further information

Journalists and industry experts seeking more details about this strategic partnership are encouraged to contact Sandro Brändle, Chief Data and Analytics Officer at Log-hub. Mr. Brändle is available for interviews and will provide additional insights into how this collaboration stands to redefine the landscape of supply chain management through advanced analytics and optimization.

For more detailed information about KNIME software and Log-hub’s innovative supply chain solutions, please visit their respective websites.

Sandro Brändle

Sandro Braendle

Chief Data and Analytics Officer


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