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Explore the role of data in the digital landscape and the imperative for businesses to harness its potential. Delve into the challenges and opportunities of building a data-driven culture, anchored by top management’s commitment and organizational adaptability.

Data is like the oil in the digital world. You can’t really succeed in going digital without it. The big question is, when do data become valuable and actually help a business? If a company can’t figure out which data is important among all the data they collect, then all that data collection isn’t really helping them.

That’s where the challenge usually starts. What exactly is data, and how can we use it in our business in a smart way? Not in 10 years, but in the next 1-2 years. What do we really need, and is it just going to use up resources and cost us money and stress? What are our main focuses when it comes to data? Do we see the value of data beyond just finance and marketing? How useful is data about suppliers, purchases, production, storage, shipments, transportation, and resource planning for our company now and in the future? Can we see how having structured data could help us react better to changes in the market, and make decisions more quickly, efficiently, and with better information?

If data is a big deal for a company, and resources should be set aside for it, then the responsibility for that needs to come from the top management. Otherwise, there will always be other, seemingly more important things that push data concerns aside.

Usually, there’s a bit of a chicken-and-egg problem here. Which came first? Did the top management come up with the idea and strategy around data, or is it more of a bottom-up approach, where the value and trust in data are shown through small business cases until it gains strategic importance?

At Log-hub, we’ve seen both, but the bottom-up approach is more common. That’s because employees in a company often tackle interesting, innovative, and new topics on their own and integrate them into the company and its culture. Usually, companies want to gather some experience first before they prioritize a topic at the top.

Data doesn’t just help you uncover blind spots; it also creates transparency, trust, and confidence in making decisions in tough situations. Nowadays, decisions are made from various perspectives—experience, team consensus, gut feeling, data, and other factors.

At Log-hub, we help companies embark on their data journey and support them in all aspects, from the first use cases to building an organization around data. We’ve been on this journey with various clients and still maintain very collaborative partnerships today.

In the following Blog-Post we provide our perspective on how to improve the data awareness within a company.

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