Live Tracking

Always know where your assets are. Share real time maps with your partners.


What it is

  • The Live Tracking App is a great tool to track all your assets in real time.
  • Simply connect IOS, Android or other GPS devices to the Log-hub Live Tracking App.
  • We support more protocols and device models than any other GPS tracking system on the market.

What it delivers

  • Very easy to use and fast to implement real time tracking solution.
  • Start without involving additional IT resources – no special hardware required.
  • Monitor your assets in real time and get full visibility about the past.

What are the benefits

  • Always know where your assets are. Optimize operational crews based on real time data.
  • No more guesswork. Know when the driver arrives and leaves.
  • Real time visibility for all your partners. Share live maps with your customers and vendors. Have full control about your data.

Use Cases


Supply Chain Visibility

Track products in transit from the manufacturer to their final destination. Improve the supply chain by making data readily available to all stakeholders.

Containers & Pallets

Optimising the logistics and visibility of containers and pallets by tracking each shipment separately and efficiently.

Oil, Fuel and Gas Tanks

Logistics, inventory management, and route planning, for distributors of petroleum, bulk lubes and fluids, propane gas, and other liquids.


Real time tracking of high-value couriers and important documents.

Fine Arts

Real time tracking of antiques and fine arts. Check if driver leaves the planned route and initiate action in case of deviation.


Tracking of pharmaceuticals. Always know when the medicine will arrive through live updates of the estimated time of arrival.

Medical Equipment

Tracking of high-value medical consignment. Live updates of the estimated time of arrival.

High Value Electronics

Asset tracking and inventory management for high value electronics items.

Always know where your trucks are.

Track your trucks and shipments in real-time from dispatch to delivery using the Log-hub Live Tracking app. Monitor important KPI’s like speed, distance, ETA etc. to manage your operational team.

No more check calls.

Know when the driver arrives and leaves, get updates in real time.

With the Log-hub Live Tracking App, drivers just activate the mobile app and drive to share real-time location. Monitor your complete fleet and respond to deviations before the cause problems.

Say goodbye to distracting check calls.

Visibility for all your partners.

Give your customers and vendors self-service access to track trucks and shipments in real-time, 24/7.

Share real time maps and have full control about your tracking data.

Deliver an additional benefit for your customers and vendors. Realize savings through better resource utilization based on real time data.

Learn how to get started with Live Tracking


Follow these 3 steps to connect your mobile device with Log-hub Live Tracking app

Download Mobile App


Register Mobile Device


Start Live Tracking


Download Mobile App

  • Open the Apple App Store or Google Play Store on your mobile device and download the “Traccar Client”

Register Mobile Device

Open the Traccar Client on your mobile device and open the Live Tracking App on your PC. Select the Datacenter Region and fill in a device name in Live Tracking App.


  1. Fill in the Device Identifier in Live Tracking App
  2. Fill in the Server URL on your mobile device
  3. Set the location accuracy to “high”
  4. Set Frequency to “30 seconds”

Click on the “Create” buttons finish device registration.

Start Live Tracking

  • Make sure that the Service Status on your mobile device is activated.
  • Go to the Live Tracking App, select your device and open the map.

Combine Live Tracking with other tools


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Calculate cost-optimal routes for inbound and outbound shipments.

Last Mile

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