Nearest Warehouses

Identify inefficiencies and improve customer-warehouse assignment.

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What it is

  • The Nearest Warehouses App is a great tool to find the nearest warehouses for your customers.
  • Specify for how many warehouses per customer you are searching or what is the maximum allowed distance.

What it delivers

  • Great starting point in Network Design Optimization.
  • Smart and easy to use app for optimizing customer-warehouse assignment.
  • You can use the results as input in further apps (e.g. Route Optimization)

What are the benefits

  • Identify inefficiencies and improve customer-warehouse assignment.
  • Realize costs savings and improve service quality.
  • Create professional maps for result visualization with just one click.

Nearest Warehouse Tutorial


Learn how a US retailer uses the Nearest Warehouse App to optimize the customer-warehouse assignment.

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