Schedule Visualization

Visualize your project plans with a few clicks in Excel.


What it is

  • The Schedule Visualization App is a great tool for creating Gantt charts in Excel.
  • Gantt charts can be used to visualize project or working plans.
  • The main focus is to visualize in which order tasks have to be processed to fulfill a job.

What it delivers

  • Describe your tasks with start and end date including the person or resource that is responsible for it in an Excel table.
  • Create an interactive Gantt chart with just one click directly in your Excel environment.

What are the benefits

  • Create professional sankey disgrams based on data in your Excel sheet within a few seconds – no time intensive changes in other applications needed.
  • Impress your customers or colleagues through professional diagrams.

Creating project plans has never been easier

For each task, just fill in the start and end date and assign a resource (e.g. team, person) that is responsible for it.

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