Supply Chain Map

Create interactive and colorful representations of your Supply Chain.

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What it is

  • Supply Chain Map is a great tool to visualize and animate tabular Excel data on a map within a matter of seconds.
  • Visualize your locations, relations and areas with easy to use templates.

What it delivers

  • Profit from worldwide map and geo material on street level.
  • Customize map settings like colors, icons or transparency etc. according to your whishes.
  • No local installation needed – everything is delivered by our powerful cloud backend.

What are the benefits

  • Increase your planning efficiency – bring tabular data to life with only a few clicks in Excel.
  • Identify hidden inefficiencies and optimization potentials through visualization.
  • Impress your customers and colleagues with professional looking maps.

Map your Supply Chain Data to see it from a different perspective


Spreadsheets, charts, and graphs help tell a story, but you can add a new perspective when you analyze your data on a map inside Excel. Extract geo related information from your Excel tables to gain new insights.

Visualize your results on animated Supply Chain Map


Add an animation layer to Supply Chain map to visualize your flows interactively.

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Supply Chain Map Tutorial


Learn how to use Supply Chain Map to visualize tabular Excel data on an interactive map.

Present your Supply Chain Stories More Effectively


Your Power Point presentations never looked so good, and neither have you. Tell your Supply Chain stories with map-based presentations. Transform table based geo data in real information. Use these insights to detect inefficiencies and improve your Supply Chain performance.

How to get the 50 largest cities in Europe on Supply Chain Map?


See how easy it is to create a data pipeline from Microsft Excel to Wikipedia and load the largest euopean cities in an Excel Sheet. Then it is only a matter of seconds to visualize these cities on an interactive map.

Combine Supply Chain Map with other tools


Achieve better results with our recommendations.

Area Mapper

Map your customers’ locations with your sales areas.


Translate worldwide addresses to coordinates and vice versa.

Log-hub, Supply Chain Apps, Fixed CoG


Visualize the areas you can reach within a certain amount of time.

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