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Optimize processes holistically. Gain a powerful tool for analyzing, optimizing, and advancing your logistics network. Conduct comprehensive simulations, and implement innovations through AI.

The market today is characterized by highly competitive pressure, rising costs, demanding products, and constant changes. Therefore, it is important and necessary for every company to regularly carry out optimizations. The challenge often arises from approaching optimization not just partially but holistically.  

Frequently, individuals possess only a fragment of the complete picture, without having an overview or evaluation of the interconnected processes. As a result, the genuine potential for optimization is only partially acknowledged, and its ramifications on the supply chain are not comprehensively understood. 

To implement a comprehensive, coordinated, and sustainable optimization, a detailed and comprehensive understanding of all influencing factors is required. 

Challenges to obtaining a comprehensive perspective encompass: 

  • Silo thinking
  • Hierarchies and political difficulties
  • Lack of transparency and separation of various process steps
  • Different heterogeneous systems that do not yet interact with each other
  • Reluctant towards a holistic approach, as it is a complex topic – one only takes the risk of making mistakes

To enable a comprehensive view and carry out coordinated optimizations, a company should work gradually in the right direction, getting closer to the goal of a holistic perspective every day. 

Create an environment step by step where you can leverage data to analyze, simulate, and optimize complex logistical challenges. This allows you to assess, manage, and present your entire supply chain using valid metrics and KPIs, supported by clear visualizations and proactive system alerts. 

Through continuous development, companies gain a powerful tool for analyzing, optimizing, and advancing their logistics network. With this emerging tool, comprehensive simulations can be conducted, unlocking both tactical and strategic potentials, and successfully implementing innovations through AI. 

This pursues the goal of comprehensive transparency enhancement, effective process design, and implementation for proactive resource conservation. An additional benefit is raising awareness up to top management for more informed decision-making. 

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