Being faithful to our mission ‘Supply Chain Planning. Made Easy’, there is not a day where we do not sit together and think about how we can simplify your Supply Chain Planning process. Therefore, it is our first and foremost goal to make the Supply Chain Analysis as efficient and easy as possible. Our App Portfolio is available as an Excel Add-In on the Microsoft AppSource, so there is no local installation needed – everything is delivered by our powerful cloud backend. We already showed you that our apps are the user-friendliest solution on the market, but we would not be Log-hub if we would not strive for constant improvement.

This is why we are spreading great news today: We have updated our App Portfolio and provided the Supply Chain Map with new features, such as 3D data animation. The advanced visualization and animation tools transfer tabular Excel data on a map of your choice within a matter of seconds. Let’s start with your Supply Chain Analysis!

Autosave of Map Setting

We have all been here before: Sometimes our computers do not work as fast as we want them to and even sometimes they dare to run out of power. But do not worry, we got you! From now on, you do not have to be scared about losing your data, as map settings are automatically saved in Excel for each app. So, when you adjust the settings for the data layers in the Supply Chain Map, these settings will be saved. Whenever you will open the map the next time with the same data layers, the configuration remains. Thus, you will save time, effort and nerves.

New Toolbar for Map Setting

We have noticed that many of our users like to switch between different map settings. This is why we have launched a new map setting toolbar in our latest update. Now, it is even more user-friendly to adjust the map settings and styles according to your needs. Besides that, you can also select between different map styles, such as a map view, satelitte or even 3D Mode. Moreover, you can make the map interactive or take a screenshot with just one click via the new toolbar. What a great way to map and visualize your Supply Chain Planning calculations in Excel!

Customize colors, icons or transparency according to your wishes. We allow you to get creative. Check out the different settings and become a pro in Mapping your Excel Calculations with spreadsheets, charts, and graphs. Extract geo related information from your Excel tables to gain new insights. We offer you powerful and impressive dashboards. Your Supply Chain Visualization will inspire your colleagues and customers.

New 3D Mode for Supply Chain Map

Enable the 3D mode for the Supply Chain Map via our new toolbar and see how your factories are connected from a different point of view: The interactive and colorful representations of your Supply Chain calculations made by our Supply Chain Map App were already impressive. But now, your data can be even more eye-catching. Moreover, you can also add an animation layer to your Supply Chain Map – try it out!

But these are only the new features our Supply Chain Map has to offer. Check out what else our Supply Chain Map got in store, and most importantly: How it can help you increase your planning efficiency for you SCM. Get ready to bring tabular data live with only a few clicks in Excel. Learn more about our Excel Add-In directly our website:

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