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Log-hub's center of Excellence. Optimize your network based on multiple scenarios comparison done by our experts in the Shared Service Center. Get your projects done in a defined timeline.

How It Works

3 Steps Process to Identify Optimal Network Design

1. Raw Data

We do data crunching and preparation.

2. CoG Analysis

We run multiple Center of Gravity scenarios.

3. Presentation

We create professional presentation with scenario comparison.

Key Benefits

Beyond Cost Efficiency

Identify the optimal number and location of warehouses based on multiple scenarios analyses

Compare results based on the Supply Chain KPIs (costs, service levels…)

Receive professional presentation with the detailed dataset

White-label option available

Controlled project timeline for analysis

Log-hub, Shared Service Center


What our customers are saying about us

“The Shared Service Center represents for us alternative support to solve complex projects and squeeze all the functionalities that the Network Design Apps provide. It has been also a good support to integrate the tools in our work methodology. I would remark the accompaniment of the team and the transparency and availability to share their knowledge.”

David Ausina

Supply Chain Operations Manager, 7Experts

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