Supply Chain Anna in Manufacturing



Outsmart Volatility with Better Decision-making


With so many variables that can impact product demand, yield, and reliability, manufacturers are constantly looking for ways to optimize processes. Fortunately, today’s production environments supply an abundance of data that analysts can use to reveal important insights, but only if the data can be effectively combined and analyzed.

Supply Chain Anna allows you to identify and examine critical industry trends by prepping and blending all data, creating predictive models, and sharing business insights. With Supply Chain Anna, you can:


  • Generate accurate forecasts for individual SKUs and their components, linking production to customer demand
  • Identify patterns and relationships in processes to have the greatest impact on production yield
  • Get a single view of all internal and user-generated quality data to identify and correct defects before they become prevalent
  • Predict how changes in product pricing, packaging, and production processes will impact customer sentiment and demand
  • Analyze repair data using predictive models to decrease unscheduled maintenance and warranty claims due to faulty components
  • Ensure more uptime and smoother operations by detecting patterns that lead to failure of manufacturing equipment

Benefits of Supply Chain Anna

Tailor-made solutions in record time

Full data integration & visibility

Leading AI & optimization technologies

Best-in-class visualization

Flexibility of data and deployment


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