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The right product in the right channel at the right time


Retail profitability depends on how well you manage the 4Rs of the Supply Chain – the right product in the right quantity; in the right place/channel; at the right time. One miss and you may not only lose the sale, you may lose the customer forever. Supply Chain Anna helps you derive insights from your customer, inventory (on hand and in-transit), shipment, transactional, and location data so you can maximize demand fulfillment, minimize inventory and mitigate supplier risk.

Make retail supply chain decisions smarter and faster


Supply Chain Anna puts the power of Supply Chain Analytics directly in the hands of your retail analysts, forecasters and inventory planners so they can:


  • Accurately Forecast Demand: Access and combine all relevant data — sales, marketing, seasonality, economic and more — to generate reliable demand forecasts
  • Manage Inventory: Access and combine all your inventory data — in stores, DCs and shipments, and segment inventory by turns, seasonality and cost etc. for complete inventory visibility and optimal threshold levels and replenishment plans
  • Optimize Distribution Network: Forecast trade area demand, geocode store and customer locations, calculate distance, drive times, and perform what if analysis to understand impact of store closings/openings on transportation & facility costs, SLAs and lead times
  • Improve Supplier Performance: Rank and segment suppliers based on price, on-time delivery, quality and performance to consolidate spend and rationalize supplier base

Benefits of Supply Chain Anna

Tailor-made solutions in record time

Full data integration & visibility

Leading AI & optimization technologies

Best-in-class visualization

Flexibility of data and deployment


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