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3D Maps

Get a bird’s eye view from outer space, offering a holistic perspective of your global supply chain network. Dive into inner-city routes, customer locations, and facilities, experiencing an earth-like view that unveils the complexities of the entire supply chain in unparalleled detail.

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Optimize your Supply Chain in only 4 simple steps.

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Supply Chain Apps portfolio comes with more than 30 apps, helping you to analyze, optimize and design all aspects of your Supply Chain network.

In-house training

Besides general workflow, what makes our apps user-friendly is our free in-house training, which we offer to our pro users, covering all of the apps.

Cost effectiveness

Buy one licence and get all 30+ apps with no additional fees for future features or apps. Choose the right package, however small or big your team or project is.


You can always count on us to answer all of your questions within 24h. By collecting your feedback, we are constantly improving our solutions.


We offer collaboration features, making it easy for you and your team to work together on a project. Share your results, maps, and dashboards.


30+ Supply Chain Challenges Resolved

Advanced Supply Chain Visibility and Accurate Geocoding

Experience best-in-class Supply Chain Mapping now. Create tailored and easy-to-understand maps to visualize your Supply Chain.

Easily calculate distances on street level worldwide, and run reachability analysis. Get full visibility of your sales areas by mapping them with your customers.

Translate addresses in coordinates and vice versa, and set the basis for a successful planning project, and cost-efficient network.

Visualize your worldwide supply chain including locations, relations, areas, and routes to identify hidden inefficiencies and optimization potentials.

Advanced Supply Chain Visibility on Supply Chain Map

Center of Gravity and Network Design Analysis

Run your analysis in Excel, simulate different scenarios, and get a cost-optimal network design and flow of goods.

✔ Find the optimal number and location of your warehouses, determine the nearest warehouses per customer, and get a cost-optimal flow of goods based on real shipment data.

Compare different scenarios and analyze the results based on total costs, the average distance to a center, etc. to make data-driven decisions.

Take necessary steps to a highly optimized supply chain: identify inefficiencies, determine the optimal product flows, reduce transportation costs and improve service quality.

Center of Gravity Analysis in Excel, Network Design Optimization, Nearest Warehouse

Transport Optimization and Sustainability Analysis

Get optimal routes and a clear understanding of your shipments through data-driven insights. Keep your shipments environmentally conscious and your customers satisfied.

✔ Get cost-optimal and timely routes, including flexible driving breaks, customers’ or vehicles’ time availability, and decide whether to use your fleet or 3PLs.

Optimal transportation strategy saves you money. Get full transparency and variety in cost evaluation, identify cost-saving opportunities, and make more value-conscious decisions.

Avoid the time-consuming process of manual carbon footprint calculation and get full footprint visibility. Cross the final line to sustainable business.

Analyze Delivery Disruptions with Milkrun Optimization. Optimize pickup and delivery with Last mile optimizer. Transport Optimization.

Advanced Demand Forecasting

Predict future demand with historical data, reducing waste, mitigating risks, and informing strategic decisions. Minimize stock imbalances to enhance customer experiences, meeting expectations seamlessly.

✔ Use historical data to predict future demand, identify demand patterns, and remain prepared for customer behavior changes.

By predicting SKUs demand you will reduce waste, mitigate risks and make smart and efficient strategic decisions.

Minimize stock imbalances and enhance customer experiences.

Demand Fofrecasting Tools. Inventory Management and Inventory Simulations with ABC and XYZ analysis.

Inventory Management and Warehouse Layout Planning

Improve customer satisfaction through precise inventory management, minimizing delays, and ensuring optimal product availability. Streamline warehouse operations to boost efficiency and reduce costs.

✔ Get optimal inventory policies by using inventory simulations. Anticipate market trends, align stock levels, and reduce excess inventory costs. 

Prevent stockouts and overstocking by using inventory management tools such as ABC XYZ analysis, making cost-optimal decisions, and ensuring satisfied customers.

Visualize the schedule of your warehouse operations, and optimize the layout of your warehouse. Increase efficiency and reduce labor costs.

Demand Fofrecasting Tools. Inventory Management and Inventory Simulations with ABC and XYZ analysis.

Scenario Comparison Feature

Comparing Scenarios to make optimal decisions isn’t a luxury, it’s a must. Don’t react to the market uncertainties, be prepared for them. Make sure your decisions are aligned with your goals and your strategy.

Log-hub Platform

All-in-one AI-powered Supply Chain Optimization platform.

A centralized place for your projects

Stop juggling between platforms. Create unique workspaces in a one dedicated space for all of your projects, and revisit them for in-depth analysis.

Collaborate and share insights

Share your findings effortlessly with team members, collaborate and let the collective intelligence of your team help you make the optimal decisions. 

Network Design Simulator

With Network Design Simulator you can simulate and compare different network design scenarios, including risks and growth in different markets or regions.

Supply Chain Apps Integration

Log-hub Platform seamlessly integrates with Supply Chain Apps. It’s a perfect mix of cloud-based capabilities with Excel-based calculations.

Our customers’ words

Vinit Desai, Associate Consultant

Log-hub took the time to understand my requirements and my needs, with seamless communication. They showed the willingness to go the extra mile to ensure I was delighted. The quality of their solutions exceeded my expectations. Log-hub has set the bar incredibly high, and I wouldn’t hesitate to work with them again in the future.

Christian Balduhn, Senior Consultant

Supply Chain Add-in is a great tool for Network Design studies. You can start simple with the Center of Gravity App. If needed, there is also the sophisticated Network Design Plus App available.

ASML logo

Piet van Leest, LSO Goods Flow Management

Log-hub’s Supply Chain Add-In Portfolio is continually evolving! We mainly use network visualization and optimization tools. These are detailed apps with lots of modeling capabilities, enabling fast Supply Chain visualization.

Fabian Bodenbender, Business Advisor

Supply Chain Apps enabled us to easily identify opportunities for cost savings and service improvements within the Supply Chain. They made it easy to use sophisticated analytical methods directly in Excel.

Vivek Srivastava, Program Manager

Log Hub makes it possible for wider teams (Business/Data Analysts/Non-Modelers) to effectively conduct Network optimization analysis and improve supply chain performance with minimal efforts and data modeling requirements.

Florence Miranda, Asst General Manager – Procurement

It is useful & helpful. Where we used to take hours now it’s done within minutes.

Martin Baker, Senior Manager

Log-hub Network Design Apps provide a quick, easy, and affordable solution for 2 tier supply chains.

Joe Miller, Consultant

The tool has been fantastic: easy to use, and fast. It is brilliant for desktop CoG modelling, isochrones, customisable maps etc. The customer service (Franjali Kinathi) has also been very good, going the extra mile to find solutions for me when I had a problem with my account subscription.


Connecting the dots of sophisticated Supply Chain Analytics.

Supply Chain Apps seamlessly expand across various ecosystems, beyond the familiar Excel environment. Designed for user-friendly optimization, Supply Chain Apps offer expanded integration options. This enhances flexibility and user-friendliness, allowing you to integrate Supply Chain Apps directly into your work environment. 


You can explore the easy integration of our Supply Chain Apps into your KNIME projects with our KNIME Nodes. Whether you’re working on existing projects or planning for the future, our nodes empower you to create your own solutions for complex supply chain challenges.



Boost your project’s scalability with our Supply Chain Apps APIs seamlessly integrated into your systems. Handle larger datasets than with traditional MS Excel, automating your business workflows for smoother data exchange across various applications.



Through our GitHub repository, you can leverage pip packages, simplifying integration into the Python environment. The pyloghub package provides access to Log-hub API services. GitHub and pip packages effortlessly connect projects with Log-hub services, creating a seamless narrative of accessibility. 


To whom we recommend it to

From which industry are you coming?

Logistics Service Providers

Revolutionize the way you plan, optimize, and analyze your logistics network, with our data-driven solutions. From accurate geocoding, to the pinnacle of logistics success.

Get an optimal logistics network, including route optimization, and demand change simulations.

Utilize advanced demand forecasting, and master inventory management with ABC and XYZ analysis.

Get from blind spots to Supply Chain clarity, with advanced supply chain visibility tools. 

Fast Moving Consumer Goods

Predict demand with AI tools, optimize inventory policies, handle rising costs, and get optimal routes ending with happy customers. Ensure efficiency from manufacturing to the store shelves.

Prevent stockouts and overproduction with AI demand forecasting. Optimize your network design and reduce delivery times.

✔ Ensure timely deliveries and implement intelligent inventory policies and sustainable distribution to strengthen customer relations.

Gain end-to-end network transparency to make data-driven and environmentally conscious decisions. 

Retail Businesses

Streamline operations, optimize inventory, and unlock data-driven decision-making for a more profitable, resilient, and customer-centric retail supply chain.

Get precise forecasts and minimize stock imbalances. Plan your warehouse layout precisely and optimize your network.

Make informed decisions with advanced supply chain visibility. Make strategic decisions by simulating and comparing different network design strategies.

Improve customer satisfaction by optimizing stock allocation. Craft an optimal fulfillment plan, and implement sustainable distribution.

Supply Chain Consultants

Effortlessly run scenario analysis and foster client collaboration. Optimize network design, forecast demand, mitigate risks, and offer sustainable, data-driven supply chain solutions.

Deliver optimal distribution network solutions with scenario comparison, advanced center of gravity, and network design analysis.

Craft optimal, get full shipment transparency, and identify their behavior patterns, including the carbon footprint analysis.

Achieve end-to-end advanced supply chain visibility, using customizable maps. Strengthen the relationship with your clients by utilizing collaboration features.

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Inventory Management Case Study

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Scenario Comparison in Supply Chain - Battle Between Data and Intuition

Scenario Comparison in Supply Chain - Battle Between Data and Intuition

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How to handle rising transportation costs?

Playbook - How to handle rising transportation costs?

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Why is Scenario Comparison in Network Design the key to success?

Playbook - Why is Scenario Comparison in Network Design the key to success?

Learn how to use Scenario Comparison in Network Design to achieve higher efficiency, even during diruptions.

Pick a plan. Start optimizing your Supply Chain today.

Team Individual


CHF 1300

per month

Up to 3 users

Good for beginners.

What you get:

✓ All features of Apps available.

✓ Includes Network Design Simulator.

✓ Includes API Integration, total 5000 API credits.

Public training.

8h of private use-case-based training for CHF 1000.


CHF 2000

per month

Up to 5 users

Good for small teams.

All features from Basic Package included.

What you get:

✓ Option to change the users once a year.

✓ Yearly alignments on our development plans.

✓ Includes API Integration, total 10.000 API credits.

✓ 25% off on customized apps per month.

Public training.

8h of private use-case-based training for CHF 800.


CHF 3500

per month

Up to 10 users

Good for larger teams.

All features from Business Package included.

What you get:

✓ Option to change the user twice a year.

✓ Quarterly alignments on our development plans.

✓ 10% off on project support services.

✓ Includes API Integration, total 25.000 API credits.

✓ 50% off on customized apps per month.

Public training.

8h of private use-case-based training for CHF 800.


starts from CHF 5000

per month

Unlimited number of users

Ideal for corporate-wide usage.

All features included.

What you get:

✓ 2 customized apps.

✓ 10 developer’s days for customized app.

✓ 25 developer’s days for generic functionality.

✓ 15% off on project support services.

✓ Quarterly alignments on our development plans.

✓ Unlimited API credits.

✓ Office 365 auto signup.

✓ Monthly feedback and Q&A sessions.

✓ Executive sponsor.

Public training.

8h of private use-case-based training.

PRO Monthly

CHF 690

per month

+ CHF 200 for Network Design Simulator

Great for short-term projects

What you get:

✓ All standard Apps.

✓ Introduction training.

✓ Regular support.

PRO Yearly

CHF 460

per month

+ CHF 200 for Network Design Simulator

Best value

What you get:

✓ All standard Apps.

✓ API Integration.

✓ Advanced training.

✓ Premium support.

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