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Transform your supply chain data into actionable insights with Supply Chain Apps – the all-in-one solution for network design, route optimization and visualization. Directly integrated in MS Excel.
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Features & Benefits

Supply Chain Data Visualization and Accurate Geocoding

Choose from various templates to create easy-to-understand and tailored maps, and visualize your Supply Chain. Accurately geocode locations worldwide, easily map out logistics networks, and optimize logistics operations.

Distance Calculation and Reachability Analysis

Perform batch distance calculations on the street level worldwide, optimize your Supply Chain, and reduce transportation costs. Analyze the reachability of your Supply Chain network, identify potential bottlenecks, and optimize logistics operations.

Center of Gravity and Network Design Analysis

Calculate the optimal number and locations of warehouses, reduce transportation costs and improve supply chain efficiency. Optimize your supply chain network design by calculating the optimal warehouse locations and flow of goods.

Route Optimization and Sustainability Analysis

Optimize pickup and delivery routes for last-mile distribution, reducing transportation costs and improving delivery times. Analyze the carbon footprint of your shipments, and take climate actions.

Demand Forecasting and Warehouse Layout Planning

Forecast demand for SKUs, optimize your inventory, and reduce waste using the latest machine learning technology. Plan and visualize warehouse layouts, assign product groups to optimal warehouse areas, and optimize warehouse operations.

To whom we recommend it to

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Logistics Companies


Inefficient logistics operations can negatively affect costs, delivery times, and customer satisfaction. Lack of data visibility and manual planning and optimization are time-consuming and lead to incorrect decision making.


Comprehensive logistics planning and visualization, integrated with MS Excel.

Easily optimize operations, get logistics data visibility, and make informed decisions.

✔ Reduced time for calculating and comparing the costs of different logistics scenarios.

Retail Companies


Inaccurate demand forecasting results in overstocking or stock shortages increased costs and decreased customer satisfaction. Inefficient warehouse layouts lead to longer fulfillment times and increased labor costs. Lack of real-time Supply Chain can result in incorrect decision-making.


Demand forecasting with the latest machine learning technology provides accurate forecasts and stock risk reduction.

Easily optimize warehouse layouts for maximum efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

✔ Real-time Supply Chain data visibility helps make informed decisions.

FMCG Manufacturers


Inaccurate demand forecasts, inefficient inventory management, and poor last-mile delivery. This results in increased delivery times, higher costs, reduced sales, stocking issues, and decreased customer satisfaction.


Generate accurate demand forecasts with advanced machine learning.

Optimize warehouse and inventory management processes to minimize costs and maximize resource utilization.

✔ Optimize last-mile delivery to reduce delivery times and costs, and improve customer satisfaction.

Industrial Goods Manufacturers


Lack of global Supply Chain visibility and control, inefficient network design, and reachability analysis, can lead to longer delivery times, increased costs, and reduced customer satisfaction.


Supply Chain control and visibility to make informed decisions based on real-time data.

Flow of goods optimization to minimize costs and maximize resource utilization.

Accurate reachability analysis to identify cost-effective delivery routes, and optimize the distribution of goods.

Supply Chain Consultants


Lack of access to powerful Supply Chain planning and visualization tools limits the ability to provide data-driven recommendations to clients. Inefficient and manual Supply Chain analysis affects productivity, and customer-serving effectivness.


Provide data-driven recommendations to clients with visualization, simulation, and optimization tools.

Integration with MS Excel makes it easy to communicate and share Supply Chain insights with clients.

✔ Real-time Supply Chain visibility helps make informed recommendations and improve productivity.


Our customers’ words

Christian Balduhn, Senior Consultant

Supply Chain Add-in is a great tool for Network Design studies. You can start simple with the Center of Gravity App. If needed, there is also the sophisticated Network Design Plus App available.

Fabian Bodenbender, Business Advisor

Supply Chain Apps enabled us to easily identify opportunities for cost savings and service improvements within the Supply Chain. They made it easy to use sophisticated analytical methods directly in Excel.

Piet van Leest, LSO Goods Flow Management

Log-hub’s Supply Chain Add-In Portfolio is continually evolving! We mainly use network visualization and optimization tools. These are detailed apps with lots of modeling capabilities, enabling fast Supply Chain visualization.

Join more than 16.000 users from 100 countries that use Supply Chain Apps to create professional Supply Chain Analytics Solutions

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I install Supply Chain Apps?
Start Microsoft Excel. Click on “Insert” in the ribbon menu and search for “Get Add-ins”. Click on this button to open the Microsoft Store for Office Add-ins and search for “Supply Chain”. Click on “Add” to download  Supply Chain Add-in. Then, open the Add-in and sign up for an account. If the Office Store is blocked on your side, please contact us ( There are several possibilities how to enabale Supply Chain Add-in on your side.
Is there customer support for Supply Chain Apps?
Yes, we provide customer support to assist customers with any questions or issues they may have with the solution.
How do I update to the latest version?
Every time you open the Add-in, updates are performed automatically to make sure you have the latest version.
Is it possible to extend the portfolio with specific apps?
Yes, this is possible. We call it “Customized Apps”. A Customized App is a tailor made solution for customer specific requirements and business logic. A Customized App is only available for the company that ordered it. It is not included in the standard subscriptions. Learn more about it under
Which Excel version do I need to get started?
Supply Chain Add-in seamlessly integrates into Microsoft Excel. You can see the supported Excel versions on this link.

In addition, Excel Online is supported.

The Office Store is grayed out or blocked. What can I do?
Yes, there are several possibilities to get access to Supply Chain Add-in. Please contact us on One of our experts will help you to get access to Supply Chain Add-in.
How many people can use the account?
Each account is a named user account and can only be used by one user. We offer attractive corporate subscriptions with unlimited number of seats. Have a look in the “Plans and Pricing section” to learn more about the avaialbale subscription models.
Is there an additional maintenance fee?
No, there is no additional maintenance fee. Updates to the latest version are included in each subscription.
Is a free version available for testing Supply Chain Apps?
Yes, there is a free version available. There is no time restriction. All apps and functionalities can be tested with sample data.
Can I share maps and dashboards with team members?
Yes, you can store your maps, dashboards, and data sets in workspaces on the Log-hub platform and share them with team members and customers for collaboration.
How do I get access to future apps? Are there additional costs?
With your paid subscription, you will get immediate automatic access to all new features and apps, without any additional costs.
Can I set up only the apps I require and does this influence the monthly price?
No, once you have an account, you can use all the apps without any additional expenses.

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