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Achieve full visibility of the carbon impact on your shipments with the CO2 Emissions App. Monitor the emissions of your logistics activities directly in Excel with the carbon footprint calculator.

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Come to Net Zero in no time with 3 simple steps.


Start effortlessly by analyzing your Supply Chain footprint in Excel with our CO2 Emissions App. Obtain professional carbon footprint reports using a predefined data structure and calculation parameters.


Dive deeper into the analysis of emitters and explore the potential for reducing CO2 emissions. Optimize your end-to-end network seamlessly by leveraging our Supply Chain Apps to achieve significant improvements.


Choose the project and the weight you want to offset, and conduct high-quality climate projects that support Net-Zero initiatives with up to 100% carbon removals. Cross the final line to Net Zero by offsetting with Pledge.

Key Benefits

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Log-hub, Supply Chain Apps, Milkrun Optimization Plus, Route Types

Save Valuable Time

Avoid the time consuming process of manual carbon footprint calculation and see your top emitters at a glance, with our Excel-integrated CO2 Emissions calculator.

Get Full Emissions Transparency

Our tool gives you full footprint visibility of your road, rail, sea, and air transport. Get insight into the CO2 emissions generated by individual shipments and take climate actions.

Log-hub, Supply Chain Apps, Milkrun Optimization Plus, Route Types
Log-hub, Supply Chain Apps, Milkrun Optimization Plus, Route Types

Access Accredited Climate Calculations

Our CO2 emissions calculation powered by Pledge conform with the GLEC framework – the only globally recognized methodology for reporting on the carbon footprint generated by logistics.

Combine CO2 Emissions App with other tools


Achieve better results with our recommendations.

Calculate the weighted centers of your customers.

Transport optimization, Log-hub

Assign shipments to available vehicles in an optimal way.

Network Design

Calculate the optimal number and locations of your warehouses.

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What sets Supply Chain Apps apart is their ability to extend Microsoft Excel with easy-to-use visualization, simulation, and optimization apps. With our free online training and customer support, getting started has never been easier.

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