Go beyond traditional forecasting and use machine learning technology.

Log-hub Supply Chain Apps, Forecasting AI

What it is

  • Our Forecasting AI Apps are great starting points for predicting future values based on machine learning technology.
  • We train algorithms based on historical data to extract patterns and trends – no deep analytical background required.

What it delivers

  • Easy access to sophisticated forecasting technology.
  • Higher accuracy than with traditional forecasting techniques.
  • Integration of domain specific know-how and external data sources (weather, promotions etc.) in customized apps possible.

What are the benefits

  • Improved forecasting accuracy by machine learning techniques.
  • Cost savings through better resource utilization and avoiding over-capacities.
  • Increased operational efficiency in Supply Chain

How does the forecasting model work?

Internal and external data sources are connected to the forecasting engine. This information is transformed to so called feature vectors that are used for model training process.

Extract data

Train Model

Predict the future

Visualize results

Set up your prediction pipeline for daily forecasting

Connect to your raw data sources, combine and prepare them. Then you can feed the data stream in the Forecasting AI app to predict future values. Training and prediction processes are done automatically.

Learn how to predict future sales data with the Forecasting App


Learn how to import sales data from a csv file in Excel. We show how to prepare the data to be ready for using in Log-hub Forecasting App. After that, we use the App to train a machine learning algorithm and predict future values.

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Log-hub, Supply Chain Apps, Inventory Simulation App

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