Freight Matrix

Manage cost structures and make value-conscious decisions.

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Freight Matrix vs Freight Matrix Plus?


What’s the difference?

Freight Matrix

Manage your own matrices directly in MS Excel.

Freight Matrix Plus

Import pre-created matrices from our Platform to MS Excel.


What it is

  • Evaluate each shipment on the complex transportation costs.
  • Conduct cost evaluation of various transportation cost structures for the shipments.
  • It provides transparency and diversity in cost evaluation, by supporting various cost structures.
  • The app is equipped with 7 types of cost matrixes in order to ease the cost evaluation process.

What it delivers

  • Freight Matrix brings a streamlined approach to handling diverse cost structures.
  • It offers advanced features for defining rounding methods and optionally checking min and max columns in relative matrices.
  • It comes with different usage environments, such as MS Excel, our cloud-based platform, and API integrations.

What are the benefits

  • Freight Matrix enhances freight cost visibility and cost evaluation with multiple cost matrix types.
  • It seamlessly integrates into KNIME and Python workflows, enabling users to incorporate it into their data processing and analysis pipelines with ease.
  • It provides a user-friendly interface for swift evaluation and comparison of shipments and costs from various logistics providers.

Your Ticket to Unparalleled Freight Cost Transparency

The Freight Matrix app serves as a valuable tool for achieving excellence in freight management. When you opt for this app, you are making a commitment to accuracy, transparency, and strategic insights in your operations. This choice empowers your business to navigate the complexities of the freight industry with confidence and intelligence, aligning your efforts with industry best practices.

Freight Matrix Demo

Your step-by-step guide to Freight Matrix directly on the Log-hub platform.

The Benefits

Grasp the benefits of cost-structure transparency and dashboards.

Enhanced Cost Matrix Variety

Incorporating the most common matrix types in the logistics industry, the Freight Matrix app offers a foundation for managing diverse logistics cost structures and making cost-effective decisions. The app supports seven matrix types, from Absolute Weight Distance Matrix to Relative Weight Zone Distance Matrix, guaranteeing a comprehensive method for managing logistics cost structures.

Improved Freight Cost Visibility

Gain a better perspective into the decision-making process with enhanced visibility into rates from various logistics service providers, ensuring optimal and informed choices. The app simplifies the storage and retrieval of various cost structures, ensuring accuracy and efficiency when applying the appropriate matrix to shipments and reducing the risk of costly errors.

Tender Management

Improve the effectiveness of tender management and make more informed decisions in partner selection while optimizing transportation networks by leveraging the insights offered by freight cost transparency. This strategic approach enables a thorough assessment of shipment data and pricing rates when dealing with various logistics service providers during the tender process.

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The Freight Matrix Journey

A continuous evolution towards enhancing our freight management app.

We started with the Freight Matrix App

This allowed for transparent freight costs by comparing different structures, enabling cost evaluation and optimal partner selection. With its 7 versatile cost matrixes, Freight Matrix App enables you to gain a better perspective into the decision-making process with enhanced visibility into rates from various logistics service providers, ensuring optimal choices and streamlined tender management.

supply chain apps freight matrix
Freight Matrix
Freight Matrix

We introduced Freight Matrix to our Platform

By listening to our customers, we enabled the possibility to create freight matrices directly in our platform. This way, you can revisit the matrices, adjust them or share them with your colleagues. This kind of centralization eliminates scattered data and makes collaboration among users efficient and accurate.

We enabled Freight Matrix Integration

Our APIs allow you to integrate freight management into your advanced workflows seamlessly. You can incorporate the freight matrix directly into the KNIME Analytics platform or a Python environment, enabling you to create custom projects and ensure optimal decisions through comprehensive freight cost evaluation. Watch our step-by-step guide video on YouTube.

Freigth Matrix Plus Mockup

We deployed Freight Matrix + App

With Freight Matrix+, effortlessly integrate pre-created freight matrices directly into Excel from the platform, eliminating manual data entry and saving time for frequent shipment cost assessments. Enhance efficiency by selecting and applying saved freight matrices within your workspace, allowing for seamless updates and calculations without repetitive manual input.

supply chain apps freight matrix

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