Translate Addresses into GPS Coordinates worldwide.

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What it is

  • Tool to translate addresses in coordinates or vice versa quickly and easily.
  • Visualize and validate geocoding results with one click on Supply Chain Map and dashboards.

What it delivers

  • High performance geocoding engine directly in Excel – no local installation needed.
  • Very detailed geo-material worldwide.
  • Street and even house number level available for many regions in the world.

What are the benefits

  • Useful tool for every Supply Chain Planner to do standard geocoding tasks more efficiently.
  • Save time and money through higher employee productivity.
  • High geocoding quality is the basis for each successful planning project.

Easily Convert Addressed to GPS Coordinates and Back.

Addresses to Coordinates

To start converting addresses into coordinates, simply select your data and click the calculate button. As you can see in the example below, you don’t always need a full address to find coordinates. It’s also possible to find the coordinates based on a city, a state or even a country. However we do recommend providing as many details as possible for the best possible results.

Geocoding App Tutorial


Learn how to translate addresses into coordinates with the Geocoding App.

Global Coverage


High Performance

Highly Accurate

High Quality

Combine Geocoding with other tools


Achieve maximum efficiency with our recommendations.


Calculate distances on street level worldwide.

Center of Gravity

Calculate the weighted centers of your customers.

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Visualize the areas you can reach within a certain amount of time.

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