Inventory Simulation

Determine the optimal inventory policy through simulation in multiple what-if scenarios.

Inventory Simulation

What it is

  • The Inventory Simulation App is a great tool to simulate different inventory policies.
  • Define demand, lead time, initial inventory and set the parameter ranges you want to simulate for your product/SKU.

What it delivers

  • Determine the optimal inventory policy through simulation in multiple what-if scenarios in terms of service levels achieved.
  • No-risk way to test inventory policy changes in a safe environment.

What are the benefits

  • Save money through avoiding too much inventory or stock-outs.
  • Meet customer service expectations through tuning inventory parameters.
  • Interactive dashboard to analyze and share results with colleagues and customers.

Optimize Inventory Policies to meet Customer Service and Cost Requirements


With all of the inventory optimization software and solutions available, why are you still struggling with either too much inventory or stock-outs? The Inventory Simulation App is a powerful tool to try out different parameter settings and compare KPIs of different scenarios.

Inventory Management Case Study

Follow the inventory categorization journey of an e-commerce company.

Compare different Scenarios based on import KPIs and select the optimal one for your SKU


Mark the required KPI ranges on the interactive dashboard and filter out all scenarios that meet customer requirements.

Find the optimal Inventory Policy for multiple SKUs


Simulate various parameters combination and define the right inventory strategies.

Single or Multiple SKU

Choose Single SKU optimization to simulate a specific inventory policy and select the optimal one for your SKU.

Go with Multiple SKU optimization to simulate predefined scenarios with various inventory policies and parameters.

Advanced features for Multiple SKUs

  • Automatic parameters calculation based on demand analysis
  • Over 100 scenarios per SKU in one run
  • Consider multiple costs, such as ordering, holding and shortage costs
  • Provide an optimal policy per SKU

Test Inventory Policy Changes in a safe Environment


Test new parameter combinations at no-risk in a sandbox environment. Extract demand data from your ERP system and simulate different policies. After selecting the optimal strategy, transfer the new policy back to production.

Combine Inventory Simulation with other tools


Achieve better results with our recommendations.

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Optimize inventory policies by focusing on the most important articles.

Demand Forecasting

Go beyond traditional forecasting and use machine learning technology.

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Schedule Visualization

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