Visualize where you can travel from a location within a certain amount of time.


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What it is

  • The Isochrone App is a great tool to determine and visualize the areas that can be reached within a certain amount of travel time or distance from a starting location.
  • Choose between four different travel modes (car, truck, bicycling, walking) for calculating the travel time.

What it delivers

  • Profit from detailed map and distance material all over the world.
  • Calculate detailed isochrones for truck, car, bicycling and walking modes worldwide.

What are the benefits

  • Analyze which customers can be reached from your shops or distribution centers in a certain amount of time.
  • Make better decisions where to locate your shops or distribution centers.
  • Impress customers or colleagues through professional looking maps.

Learn how to create an isochrone map


Easy to use customization options


Change the map settings according to your needs. Select the right color scheme or adjust the transparency in easy to use dialogs.

Visual reachability analysis.


Use the Isochrone App in combination with other Apps (e.g. Last Mile App). You can add several data layers step by step to Supply Chain Map.

Combine Isochrones with other tools


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