Last Mile

Optimize your inner city logistics with smart algorithms and detailed traffic data.

Log-hub Supply Chain Apps, Last Mile

What it is

  • The Last Mile App is a great tool to optimize the delivery routes on the last mile to the customer.
  • It optimizes the sequence of the route stops, regarding operative constraints like tolls, highways, ferries, and travel mode.

What it delivers

  • Get optimized last mile routes with detailed stop information.
  • Get impressive animated map visualizations on street level.

What are the benefits

  • Profit from an operative route optimization directly in Excel.
  • Save time and money by optimizing your last mile routes.
  • Make your transport plans as accurate as possible by selecting between different travel modes.

Last Mile Optimization

When you’re at the “last mile” of the supply chain, you want to ensure you have the right solution for delivery appointment scheduling to ensure it all runs smoothly and is profitable with the least costs involved.

Regard operative constraints like traffic conditions and different travel modes to deliver your customers in time and fulfill service levels.

Log-hub Supply Chain Apps, Last Mile

Preview your routes on animated Supply Chain Map.


Add an animation layer to Log-hub Supply Chain Map to visualize your routes interactively.

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