Network Design

Raise saving potentials while improving service quality.

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What it is

  • The Network Design App is a great tool for optimizing your end-to-end Supply Chain.
  • It allows you to calculate the optimal number and locations of your warehouses.
  • Determine the optimal product flows through your Supply Chain.

What it delivers

  • Find the global optimum – regarding transport and warehouse costs.
  • Regard minimum and maximum warehouse capacities
  • Define service level requirements for each customer that have to be fulfilled.

What are the benefits

  • Run network design studies by your own and simulate the effects of future demand changes on your Network Design.
  • Solve complex models through processing power from the cloud.
  • Reduce modeling and processing time of Network Design studies up to 70% due to optimized workflow.

Network Design vs. Network Design Plus?


What’s the difference?

Network Design

  • Data input structure for in and outbound transport costs is specialized on road transportation
  • Detailed costs functions for road transportation can be modeled

Network Design Plus

  • Modeling of in and outbound transportation costs is possible for different modes of transport (air, road, sea)
  • Transportation costs can be modeled separately for each relation


Scenario Comparison Feature

Comparing Scenarios to make optimal decisions isn’t a luxury, it’s a must. Don’t react to the market uncertainties, be prepared for them. Make sure your decisions are aligned with your goals and your strategy.

Model your Supply Chain end-to-end

Use detailed modeling options to regard all relevant elements influencing your Supply Chain Design. Start with the factories, model in- and outbound flows of warehouses and take your customers into account.

Network Design Model1

Improve service levels for your customers

Define the maximum allowed distance to the next warehouse for each customer. The optimizer will take these restrictions into account while minimizing total costs. So, you can combine cost and service optimization.

Network Design Service Restriction

Take optimized sourcing decisions

You can specify from which factory the goods for a customer are coming from. It is also possible that the optimizer takes this decision for you. Integrate optimized sourcing decisions in your Network Design model.

Network Design Sourcing Decision

Optimize your network based on beeline or street-level distance

You can choose whether optimization of your network will be done based on beeline or street-level distance.

Network Design Beeline level2
Network Design Street Level2

Network Design Tutorial


Learn how a US beverage company uses the Network Design App to optimize their network.

Processing power from the cloud

Profit from processing power from the cloud to reduce solving times.

Auto generated interactive maps and dashboards help you to understand optimization results immediately.

Optimize global Supply Chains with geo and map material up to house number level worldwide.

Log-hub Supply Chain Apps Network Design

Visualize your results on animated Supply Chain Map


Add an animation layer to Supply Chain map to visualize your flows interactively.

Combine Network Design with other tools


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Calculate the weighted centers of your customers.

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Transport Optimization Plus

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Flow Visualization

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