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What it is

  • Shipment Analyzer is an advanced tool that analyzes shipment structure, costs, CO2 emissions, and transit times.
  • It provides comprehensive insights into various aspects of shipment operations, including seasonality and standardized input structure.
  • It offers an intuitive dashboard with visualizations, enabling users to make informed decisions swiftly.

What it delivers

  • Shipment Analyzer delivers data-driven insights and a clear understanding of your shipments.
  • It provides a comprehensive analysis of supply chain operations through standardized input, consolidation rules, and cost adjustment tables.
  • Shipment Analyzer delivers a user-friendly interface to easily interpret complex data and track performance over time.

What are the benefits

  • Shipment Analyzer helps businesses identify cost-saving opportunities and make more cost-effective decisions.
  • Shipment Analyzer streamlines operations, reduces waste, and improves overall efficiency.
  • Shipment Analyzer empowers users to make informed decisions and drive their supply chain operations to new heights.

The Process

Master your Supply Chain in a few simple steps.

Use Standardized input data

Shipment Analyzer ensures data consistency with a standardized input structure, capturing essential shipment details such as ID, origin/destination, dates, carriers, and costs. This consistency ensures reliable insights for data-driven decision making.

Use consolidation rules and cost adjustments

Perform a detailed cost analysis. By leveraging consolidation rules and cost adjustment tables, you can identify cost-saving opportunities. This step empowers you to optimize your supply chain operations and make more cost-effective choices.

Analyze Output results

Get a detailed analysis of each shipment’s performance, covering origin, destination, dates, carriers, freight costs, and CO2 emissions. Analyze crucial transport data, empowering you to make informed decisions for a more cost-effective supply chain.

The Benefits

Leverage the benefits of intuitive shipment analysis and dashboards.

Overall Shipment Structure Analysis

Gain a detailed breakdown of your shipments by weight, volume class, and shipping mode. This provides quick trend identification and pattern recognition, allowing you to identify areas for improvement within your supply chain. Use data-driven insights to understand shipment distribution and optimize operations.

Shipment Cost Analysis

Enhance cost efficiency with customized analysis. Utilize consolidation rules and cost adjustment to identify cost-saving opportunities and optimize your supply chain operations. Detailed cost analysis and the ability to set adjustment rules for benchmark tariffs and consolidation empowers you to make more cost-effective decisions.

Transit Times & Seasonality Analysis

Understand the rhythm of your operations with our seasonality analysis. This section provides average shipment and volume data by weekday, week, month, and date. Transit times analysis includes average transit times by shipping mode, carrier, time, and sender and recipient country. It also includes data on the number of shipments fulfilled on time, helping you to improve your delivery performance.

Sustainability Analysis & Optimization

Support Sustainability Efforts with detailed CO2 emissions data, enabling you to understand and reduce your environmental impact. Analyze emissions by shipping mode, carrier, weight/volume class, time, and sender/recipient country, aligning with your commitment to sustainability.

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