You all know that it is our mission to make Supply Chain Planning as easy as possible. Equally important to us is to be your companion throughout the Supply Chain journey. Therefore, we consolidate all steps concerning the Supply Chain Planning Process: From Location Planning till the Last Mile. From Network Design to Transport Optimization and Advanced Forecasting: Our App Portfolio, available as an Excel Add-In on Microsoft App Source, covers it all. As a matter of fact, our App Portfolio is developed in order to solve every Supply Chain Challenge. With the aim to make you use your time in a most efficient manner, our Apps are linked with each other. As a result, your specific calculation might provide answers to more than one question. Check our Integration Table for ultimate Supply Chain calculations!

The Relationships within the App Portfolio

Our Apps are useful tools for every Supply Chain Planner to do calculation tasks more efficiently. We empower you to visualize your results on animated Supply Chain Maps, dashboards or Sankey Diagrams. By doing so, you can better identify hidden inefficiencies and optimization potentials. Share your results with your colleagues. But to save time and money, make sure you do not do the extra work. For this reason, our Apps are linked with each other and you can increase your efficiency by using your calculations in an intelligent way. You can undertake one calculation and use the results for more than one purpose. Benefit from the relationships within the App Portfolio. With this intention, some Apps provide you with direct input data to further Supply Chain Apps. Do you know which of your calculations offer additional Supply Chain insights?

The Log-hub Integration Table

We were wondering, in how far our Apps are linked with each other. Consequently, we created an Integration Matrix which shows the linkages between each App. The Matrix provides you with an overview and suggests, which output data of which App can be used as input data of another App. The green cells show the direct linkages between the Apps. For example, the output of the Center of Gravity Apps is also the input to 15 other Apps, such as the Area Mapper. Moreover, the yellow cells indicate which apps are complementing each other with the gained information.

The Integration Table presents a quick overview of the relationships within our App Portfolio. Our apps have innovative add-in technology, such as artificial intelligence and machine learning tools. These technologies bring new functionalities to your production processes. Individualize your settings according to your business requirements.Therefore, our App Portfolio provides every user with an individualized, specific data model. Keeping the matrix in mind, you can now save time and costs and increase your efficiency. Just use your output data wisely and specify your data model accordingly.

Now that you can benefit from the linkages within the App Portfolio, check out what else our Supply Chain Apps got to offer. Get started and bring your innovative ideas to production with our intelligent cloud services in Excel. Increase your planning efficiency for your SCM and benefit from the thoughtful use of your calculations.

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