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In the realm of supply chain management, the revolutionary capabilities of Log-hub’s 3D maps offer unprecedented efficiency and strategic insights, redefining how businesses navigate their global supply chain networks.

Picture this – a bird’s eye view from outer space, offering a holistic perspective of your global supply chain network. The story unfolds as we dive into inner-city routes, customer locations, and facilities, experiencing an earth-like view that unveils the complexities of the entire supply chain in unparalleled detail.

    “Log-hub’s commitment to elevating supply chain visualization takes center stage in the release of Log-hub 4.0. Supply chain analysts now have a detailed and realistic canvas to navigate through, identifying bottlenecks, and untapped potentials along every route. The immersive 3D maps empower our users to make informed decisions, providing a groundbreaking approach to end-to-end supply chain optimization,” shares Jan Sigmund, CEO of Log-hub.

    Try it yourself! It’s as easy as it gets.

    Supply Chain Visualiation

    While the enhanced supply chain visualization is at the heart of Log-hub 4.0, this update release introduces other compelling features and advancements.

    Scenario comparison – dashboard comparison for Center of Gravity app

    In Log-hub 4.0, Supply Chain Apps seamlessly expand across various ecosystems, beyond the familiar Excel environment. Designed for user-friendly optimization, these apps offer expanded integration options, including Knime nodes, API Integration, and with this update even the pyloghub pip package available on GitHub. This enhances flexibility and user-friendliness, allowing users to integrate Supply Chain Apps directly into their work environment.

    Log-hub 4.0 unveils repositories on GitHub, a platform synonymous with open-source collaboration. Supply Chain Apps PRO users can now leverage the pyloghub pip package, simplifying integration into Python environment. The pyloghub package extends an invitation to a world of convenience, providing access to Log-hub API services for Supply Chain Visualization, Network Design Optimization, and Transport Optimization. GitHub and pip packages effortlessly connect projects with Log-hub services, creating a seamless narrative of accessibility.

    Supply Chain Visualiation

    The journey concludes with an enhanced Scenario Comparison Dashboards for the Location Planning, Network Design, and Network Design Plus Apps. Users can now compare multiple scenarios in a single dashboard, gaining insights into key metrics such as the number of centers, customers, scenario costs, and savings. This enhancement, covering input and output data, adds a final touch of transparency, enriching the decision-making narrative for logistics strategies.

    Log in to your Log-hub account and check out the new enhancements.

    Supply Chain Visualiation

    Log-hub 4.0 invites users to embark on a journey where supply chain visualization becomes more than a tool – it becomes an immersive experience, empowering businesses to navigate complexities and optimize their logistics strategies with unprecedented ease.

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